Chief Minister Highlights Impressive Achievements, Says He Can’t Be Distracted

 Prof. David John Francis says he can’t be distracted

Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, Prof. David John Francis has told The Sierra Leone Telegraph that he can’t be distracted by fake propaganda, stressing that his focus is on His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction agenda-accelerated delivery.

He was highlighting his achievements since he assumed duties in 2018 as the country’s Chief Minister. According to him, even though the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease had its toll on government wide operations, the Office of the Chief Minister (OCM) made giant strides and in some cases, innovative ones that contributed to quality governance processes and service delivery. Among the impressive achievements were:

  1. Hosting of the 3rd Cabinet Retreat: 

The key object of this Retreat was to take a critical analysis of the New Direction Government’s progress on the implementation of its 8 Governance Priorities on the Economy, Free Quality Education (FQE), Energy, Health, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Mining. President Bio urged Ministers and Public Servants to focus on service delivery in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone. A key outcome of the Retreat was Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to recalibrate their interventions to enhance service delivery in their various sectors.

  1. Performance Management and Service Delivery of Ministers: 

Every Cabinet Minister Signs Performance Contract with the President. Each Contract in part, states milestones to be achieved based on the Medium-Term National Development Framework and the Manifesto Commitments. In 2020, the OCM successfully assessed Ministerial Performance and submitted to the President for his gracious consideration and action.

The OCM has created a Dash-Board wherein the President, the Vice President and the Chief Minister can, at a click of a button, track the performance of every Minister based on their performance contract.

  1. Mid-term Review of the New Direction Government:  

His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio instructed the Chief Minister to conduct a mid-term evaluation of His New Direction Government. This event, was the first of its kind to evaluate a sitting government. The outcome of the Review was that Ministers identified their successes, challenges and formulated strategies for effective delivery on their Ministerial Mandates.

  1. Measuring the successes of the Manifesto Commitment of the New Direction Government 

The Manifesto Commitment was the basis on which the New Direction Government was voted into Office. As a way to measure the extent to which the Manifesto Commitments have been delivered, the OCM developed a Compendium of the Manifesto Promises and what has been delivered mid-Term and commitments delivered outside the Manifesto Commitment. So far, 34 Manifesto Commitments have been delivered out of the total of 38 as promised by President Bio.

  1. Institution Building and the Consolidation of Peace and Governance
  2. Re-engagement with the Constitutional Review process: The President mandated the Chief Minister to initiate actions for a recommencement of the Constitutional Review Process before it was delegated to the Office of the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice.
  3. National Disaster Management Agency: The OCM led Policy and Legal arrangements for the establishment and operationalization of the National Disaster Management Agency as a Statutory Institution. During the launch of the Agency, the President lauded the effort of the Chief Minister for taking the exceptional leadership in the establishment of the Agency.
  4. Independent Commission on Peace & National Cohesion (ICPNC): The President made a Manifesto commitment to address the deep cleavages that continues to undermine national cohesion, peace and unity in Sierra Leone. In this regard, His Excellency the President authorized the Chief Minister to lead on the establishment of the ICPNC. The ICPNC Bill when passed into Law in 20201, will bring into operation the ICPNC.
  5. National Reforestation and Timber Governance Agency: The Office of the Chief Minister led in preparation of the Policy and its translation into a Bill for the establishment of the National Reforestation and Timber Governance Agency. When turned into law, the Agency will have the Statutory Mandate to regulate Timber Resources, improve revenue generation management and Governance, scale-up reforestation, and invest in sustainable utilisation of forest resources in Sierra Leone. It is hoped that the Bill will be passed into law in 2021.
  6. Establishment and operationalization of the Human Capital Development Secretariat: Human Capital Development is a key Flagship Programme of His Excellency, the President. In this regard, the Office of the Chief Minister led in the full-scale operationalization of the HCD Directorate. The HCD operates on 3 key portfolios: Education, Health, and Agriculture. President Bio’s HCD initiative is now a model for implementation within the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS).
  7. Inter-Ministerial/Agency on the Road Sector: His Excellency the President mandated the Chief Minister to lead on the Inter-Ministerial Agency on the Road Sector. All Ministries and Agencies with bearings on the road sector prioritized roads and bridges that either required construction, rehabilitation or improvement. The Plan of Action developed by the inter-ministerial agency guided the Ministry of Finance in the allocation of resources in the last Budget speech to the House of Parliament;
  8. Inter-Agency Coordination on Lands and Water Catchment Areas along the Western Area Peninsula: The President directed the Chief Minister to lead on this intervention. Deforestation of water catchment areas along the Western Area poses environmental and security threats. Key outcomes of the inter-Agency meetings are:
  9. Demarcation of green-belt zones along the foothills of the Western Area Peninsula;
  10. Additional recruitment of Forest Guards to protect the forest reserves;
  11. Joint deployment of Police and Military Personnel to patrol the western Area Peninsula;
  12. Protection of the Guma Valley Water Dam.

Speaking briefly on the 2019 Audit Service Report, the Chief Minister urged full implementation of the recommendations and continues to acknowledge the outstanding role of Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) in the scrutiny of public institutions on the use of public funds.

He confirmed the invaluable role of ASSL in scrutinizing public institutions in the use of public funds. He also recalled highlighting this invaluable role in the GTT Report submitted to President Bio. He confirmed that the New Direction Government led by President Bio will support the full implementation of the recommendations of the ASSL 2019 Report.

The Bradford-trained Professor said Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government are subjected to the Constitution, Acts of Parliament and Policies in the utilization of public funds, he therefore affirmed that every MDA has a Vote Controller who is principally responsible to account for public funds utilised.

Referencing the Public Financial Management Act of 2016, he said the Act is very clear on the role of Vote Controllers in managing public funds. In this regard, he continued that Government Ministers only provide strategic leadership to their Ministries and do not sign cheques for the operations of any Ministry.

The Chief Minister Commended ASSL for producing and disseminating the 2019 Audit Report to the public. He encouraged the general public to read and engage with the ASSL Report for their own edification and understanding of how public funds were expended and audited. He however stated that persons or institutions culpable for the alleged misappropriation of funds will be held accountable as required by law and accountability institutions including the ACC and House of Parliament.

The Chief Minister confirmed that the New Direction Government led by President Bio remains committed in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.

He encouraged journalists to come to his office to clarify any information that is doubtful to them instead of misinforming the public.