Fullah Business Tycoon Endorses SLPP In The USA

Ben Jalloh and Fatima Bio

The Fullah President for the Fulbe Progressive Union (FPU) in North America, Dr. Abdulai Ben Jalloh, met with Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio, on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

A cross-section of Fullahs living in the East Coast region was also present at the meeting, including relatives of Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, the Vice Presidential candidate.

Also present at the meeting was Mr. Mohamed Bah, the SLPP North America Young Generation Leader.

The meeting coincides with Fatima’s visit to New Jersey, where she has been invited as Guest of Honor at the SLPPNA Julius Maada Bio (JMB) Women’s Movement fundraiser.

The JMB Women’s Movement is a widespread support group that mobilizes women and resources through individual contacts and event plannings to advance the election of Julius Maada Bio.

Fatima Maada Bio is the founder of the team, and she plays a vital role in working with the women to promote the purpose of the group which is, to elect her husband, retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.

The visit with Dr. Ben Jalloh was to discuss pertinent issues relating to the current political climate in Sierra Leone as well as raise funds to support the SLPP elections efforts.

fatima Maada bio and ben Jalloh at the fundraiser

Prior discussions enabled a warmly anticipated meeting and Fatima received a good reception.  The conversation, which addressed vital political issues also emphasized the need to raise money as campaigns enter their waning days.

Fatima’s mission for the New Jersey visit is to raise at least $50,000.00.  According to Dr. Ben Jalloh, he supports the great work that Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio is doing to help elect her husband, Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.

The Saturday, February 3, 2018, meeting at the resident of Ben Jalloh was used to extend a special invitation to the host to attend the JMB Women’s fundraiser that took place on the evening of the same day.

Dr. Ben Jalloh, who hails from Kabala, is a long-term resident of the State of New Jersey and is also one of the wealthiest Sierra Leoneans in North America.

Many people say that Ben Jalloh has stayed away from politics for a while but on February 3, he took center stage, and a seat at the Julius Maada Bio Women’s Movement fundraiser in New Jersey.

Ben Jalloh and Fatima have already developed a warm relationship from their first meeting.  Mrs. Bio could be heard calling Ben Jalloh uncle at the public event.  With a contagious smile, Fatima took a long look at the audience to draw everyone’s attention on Ben Jalloh before saying, “[He] alone can help with the fundraising tonight to meet the fifty thousand dollars goal that we have set for the occasion.”   Ben Jalloh beamed with a smile and seemed to enjoy himself, the attention and, the occasion.

The Fullah vote across Sierra Leone has become a golden prize in the Sierra Leone 2018 elections.  This meeting was another significant move on the part of Fatima Bio to meet with Ben Jalloh.

The family of Mr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, SLPP Vice Presidential candidate was also present at the event, and they were also recognized as well.

There were Fullahs from every part of the country to show their support for SLPP at the JMB Women’s fundraiser.

The question many are now asking is if the FPU North America have fully endorsed the SLPP? The FPU is one of the oldest Sierra Leone organization’s in the USA since 1971 and is still expanding across the USA with many emerging branches.  The organization, from what we understand, does not endorse political activities.

Many are claiming these days that the Fullah is the most extensive registered voters in this upcoming election.  The presence of a large number of Fullahs at the JMB Women’s fundraiser shows hope for their full support for the SLPP in 2018.

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  1. MOHAMED M DABOH | February 9, 2018 at 3:04 AM | Reply

    This is Good news for our party

  2. I will not endeavor to understand the intent of this Press Release from the FPU. I will implore all to read the article and judge for themselves. Nothing is misleading in the article because of the following facts:

    1. Mr. Ben Jalloh is the President of the FPU North America.
    2. Mr. Ben Jalloh is Fullah
    3. Mr. Ben Jalloh honored an invitation to the JMB Women’s event
    4. Mr. Ben Jalloh occupied the high table next to Fatima Bio
    5. Mr. Ben Jalloh met with Fatima Bio and spoke favorably about SLPP
    6. Fullahs are playing a prominent role in the 2018 elections
    7. The Fullah vote is significant and very much sought after by all parties.
    8. The writer is aware that Fullahs are not a Monolithic group but, a substantial number favor SLPP.

    The publication also notes the warmth that developed between Fatima Maada Bio and Mr. Ben Jalloh. Accordingly, the story also makes the following clarification:

    “The question many are now asking is if the FPU North America have fully endorsed the SLPP? The FPU is one of the oldest Sierra Leone organization’s in the USA since 1971 and is still expanding across the USA with many emerging branches. The organization, from what we understand, does not endorse political activities.”

    I will encourage all to read the article to determine whether “the article is misleading and disingenuous” as stated in the FPU Press Release.

    Note: FPU can post their press release in the comment for fairness so others can make the judgment.

  3. Very good and candid observation, Abdulai. Hope those that feel otherwise will take another look at the article.

    Regarding the FPU and Chericoco, the FPU is the appropriate group to answer the question.

  4. FPU is a nonprofit and non-political organization. It does not endorse nor support any political party or individual contesting for any political office.

    Each and every member of the Fulbe nation and each and every member of FPU reserves the right to belong to the party of his/her choice. (PERIOD)

    On jaaraama.

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