Is Desmond Pessima And SLPPNA Executive Up To The Challenge Facing SLPP In 2023?

With $52K, 21 Chapters From the Out-Gone SLPPNA Chairman, Mohamed Bah’s Administration, Is The Pessima SLPPNA Executive Up To The Challenge Facing SLPP In 2023?

“Not quite,” says a seasoned regional observer. “Pessima and Co are wasting a lot of precious time and energy doing stupid things,” the observer concludes.

One “stupid” thing among many that Desmond Pessim and his team have done during the brief time that they have assumed office is their relationship with Chapter heads and some executive team members.

DRC Chairman Sents Formal Letter Of Complaint To SLPP National Headquarter

SLPPNA North Carolina DRC Chapter Chairwoman, Amina Kawa

SLPPNA North Carolina DRC Chapter Chairwoman, Amina Kawa North Carolina DRC Chapter. In her letter of complaint to the SLPP National Chairman, Kawa accuses Pessima of constitutional violations.

Amina Kawa is the Chairman of the SLPP DRC in North Carolina.  In a scathing letter of complaint to the SLPP National Chairman, Dr. Prince Harding, Kawa accuses Pessima of extensive constitutional violations.

Without due process, Pessima instructed Namisa Kramer, the Regional Secretary-General, to remove Kawa from all SLPPNA Communications forums for forwarding the NGC flyer.

The flyer advertised an NGC event in Philadelphia with Hon. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkela as Chairman of the occasion. Kawa rerouted the flyer to the regional WhatsApp forum for clarification. All hell, let loose!

Allegedly, Desmond Pessima made a substantial donation to NGC for their August Convention in North America.  A tart response from Pessima dismissed the allegation.

Pessima Administration Losing Direction and Steam

“Desmond does not have a clear plan and is too arrogant to recognize the source of true authority in this region,” says one SLPPNA political pundit.

The current incident involving the two Chairpersons – Regional Chairman, Desmond Pessima and Amina Kawa of the SLPPNA North Carolina DRC Chapter, led to the immediate removal of Chairman Kawa from all SLPPNA Official WhatsApp forums by the SLPPNA Regional Secretary-General, Namisa Kramer.

Immediate Condemnation From the SLPPNA Region

SLPPNA Chairman, Desmond Pessima

SLPPNA Chairman, Desmond Pessima

The SLPPNA membership has condemned the action of the Secretary-General. Several people that have spoken to SLPP Today think the move was unwarranted and procedurally inappropriate.

The first immediate condemnation came from the SLPP NA Regional PRO, “Gentle” Patrick Maada Koroma.  More condemnations continued to mount on several other issues.

Chairman Kawa is awaiting the response to her letter of complaint again the Pessima administration. The SLPP National Chairman is yet to respond to the letter.

Meanwhile, you can read the full letter here: Letter Of Complaint Against Desmond Pessima