Jimmy Batilo Songa Meets SLPP Bo Delegates

Jimmy Batilo Songa Meets SLPP Bo Delegates. [Bo City Tuesday 14 December 2021] – As the Convention of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) draws closer, one of the frontrunners for the Chairmanship of the Party, Sir. Jimmy Batilo Songa has met with District Executives, Regional Officers, and SLPP delegates of Bo District.

Welcoming Jimmy BATILO SONGA and his delegation, the Chairman of the ceremony, the SLPP Bo District Chairman, Mohamed E.K. Ali, said the SLPP is a family. As members of the Party, they consider all of them as one people.

He emphasized politics within a family will not last long and appealed to his colleagues in the SLPP to always welcome any member of the Party who comes to talk to them.

Making a statement, Jimmy Batilo Songa thanked party members for the large turnout to welcome him.

He informed he is not a newcomer to the SLPP as he is one of the Kabba Boys who had occupied an executive position for SLPP in Bo before moving to the U.K.

Mr. Songa also informed he was Chairman of the SLPP-UK Chapter for two consecutive terms, where he was able to increase membership of the Party through his leadership.

He noted that he decided to return home and serve the SLPP and the country after working for the Party in the U.K.

He disclosed he could poll over 400 votes during the last Delegates Conference in Kenema in 2017, where he was elected as the National Organising Secretary.

The would-be SLPP Chairmanship intimated to party members that he is not coming up for the Chairmanship for personal reasons but to ensure that the Party stands on a good footing that is in line with the plan of President Bio.

He revealed he did not accept an appointment after the Party won the 2018 election, but he stayed at the office of the SLPP with members of the Party.

He assured of his preparedness to be the National Chairman of the SLPP to enable him to advocate for the interest of Party members.

He further assured that if he were voted as National Chairman of the SLPP, he would bring technology, research centre, and roll out the database in the party offices to capture members.

He concluded by appealing to delegates to vote for him as their Chairman and promised he would not disappoint them.

He advised party members to be law-abiding and carry out a peaceful campaign as they are one people.

” Election will finish, and we will remain to be SLPP, ” he stressed.

Other party members witnessed the ceremony.  They include the Bo District SLPP Women’s Leader, Haja Mary Katta.  Bo District SLPP Secretary-General, Foday Abdulai, Regional Secretary General, Francis Massaquoi, ex-Regional Organising Secretary of the Party, David Fortune, and other Party stalwarts.

The delegation left Bo to engage party members in Pujehun.

By Newman Anthony Levey
Contact number: 078490023/031490023/099538181
Email: nalevey86@gmail.com