Jimmy Batilo Songa Represents the Better Future of SLPP

Jimmy Batillo SongaJimmy Batillo Songa

JIMMY IS NOT A PROPHET! But, Jimmy Batilo Songa Represents the Better Future of SLPP

By Hawa Ngobeh
alias Kailahun Court Barri

Don’t get me wrong.  Despite the rising clamor to vote him in, Jimmy Batilo Songa is no prophet. He is not even a saint. But believe me, this man is the needed SAVIOUR in that Chair that can put the SLPP together again to effect a resounding victory for the Party and HE President Julius Maada Bio in 2023.

Yes, Jimmy Batilo Songa is not a prophet. He is an ordinary human being, but he is a very good human being who truly cares for the People and Party.

Jimmy has demonstrated his long-standing loyalty to our President and his lasting love for the Party. In and out of the country, he has stood up for the Party and stood firm with the people.

The Grassroots is his base, and Fairness is his motto.

He speaks the common person’s language and shows natural care without the least pretense.
No wonder Jimmy Batilo Songa is one of a very small number of SLPP politicians alive today who can stand in the center of Makeni township and attract the crowd or walk through the streets of Port Loko to the dancing accompaniment of the residents of that township.

BATILO (which means THE CHILD OF THE PEOPLE) is also known as THE POO MAN PADI. And that is because he never closes his doors to the poor or turns his face the other way when the disabled approach. Visit his address in Freetown or Bo, or join him as he walks through any town in Sierra Leone, and your testimony to his humanity will ring louder than what you may read here.

If Politics should be regarded as SERVICE TO HUMANITY, then BATILO should be accepted as the Politician with a Human Heart!

Our delegates should never listen to the voices of the doomsday critics who will always cry down anyone for no good reason. These are the same people who spent years crying down HE President Bio but now see the depth of the theoretical foundations for the country.

In politics, like in life itself, CHANGE is inevitable and even desirable. No one should be allowed to be CHAIRMAN for life. We should make the Party strong but not make individual players indispensable, particularly those who are drowning in controversies and allegations that may drag the reputation of the Party into their mud when the wheels of justice begin to swing into action.

Delegates, please look forward to TOMORROW and the many brighter tomorrows. Vote solidly for a man who has the blueprint for reorganizing and revitalizing our Party and capturing people’s votes from every corner of the country. A proud Southeasterner, BATILO is a man whose affiliations stretch beyond tribe and region.
From losing elections to independent candidates in our strongholds Jimmy Songa, aChairmanan, will expand to cementing the SLPP’s roots way beyond our traditional strongholds.

Please do not listen to cheap propaganda voices who want to freeze the Party in a state of negative inertia. A national party lives and thrives by expanding its base and capturing the imagination of the masses everywhere. A party grows by voting someone who can relate to the problems of the majority and shows a willingness to address their challenges. I AM TALKING JIMMY BATILO SONGA, a man whose doors are never shut to the disadvantaged in our society. The very people who form the majority in the national demographics.

The critics will say anything but remember; the LAST WORD rests with YOUR VOTES!

At first, they claimed that Jimmy was “too young” to be a chairman, not knowing that Jimmy is older than the Chairmen of many national political parties, including that of the ruling Democratic Party in America. They changed the tune when they discovered that “the young man” has been married for over 25 years to the same woman and has two biological grandchildren. So much for the “youngness” story! Then they tried their divisive politics, which tends to describe anyone who has spent any length of time in the diaspora as if they were some devils from an alien planet who deserve to be despised instead of regarding them as our brothers and sisters. When they were reminded that this “foreign alien” had served his people in the KAMAJOR resistant movement against the dreaded RUF, when they realized that this “outsider” had been a righteous insider even when he was outside of the country, serving his Party as regionaChairmanan for two successive terms, then they suddenly went quiet with that.

They can’t pin Jimmy down on the question of tried and tested loyalty that goes without question. And certainly, for a man who has got a sound Master’s degree in Politics and Policy Analysis, there was no way a Chemistry teacher was going to displace a student of politics in a political debate of any nature. So they went mute and decided the best way forward is to assassinate Jimmy’s impeccable character and scare the people into voting against him.

Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Delicate Delegates Fraternity m, from my little observatory corner here on Mahei Boima road in the heart of Bo city, this Kailahun Titi is calling upon you (strongly pleading with you) to VOTE RIGHT!


Let the Baton change for the better and let us instill renewed energy into the winning team so that we run and win this race with fresh legs belonging to people who know they have everything to lose if they lose the race not people who can afford to relax because they have acquired everything they need over the years or because they have “good friends” in the senior echelons of the opposition ranks.