Moigua Begins Mobilization for 2023

Moigua Begins Mobilization for 2023

Hon. Musa Peter Moigua Begins Mobilization as part of the strategic planning for the upcoming general elections,

The Honourable member of parliament representing constituency 011 doubles as the Newly elected National Organizing secretary of the Ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, Hon. Musa Peter Moigua has started early mobilisation of their party members ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to him, the gathering in Bo that has brought together all organizing secretaries at district and regional levels, including other stakeholders of the SLPP, is to chat the way forward for a smooth drive of their party to statehouse 2023.

The event is a two-day activity that has started in Bo on Friday 11th march 2022, with reconciliation and other fruitful discussions that would lead them to a successful outcome of day two and the entire engagement.

The paramount chief made the welcome address of Kakua chiefdom, in which he assured members of the SLPP of 100% safety throughout their stay in Bo.

He admonished them to stick to their party’s slogan, “One Country One People.”

Mr.Mohamed Alie, Resident minister south and the National Secretary General of SLPP, Mr.Umaru Napoleon Koroma, hailed Hon. Musa Peter Moigua for his proactive skills and wise decision in commencing such an event that will awaken the minds of party members for the battle ahead.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma affirmed that when the office of the National Organizing secretary is well functional in line with party structures, all other offices within the national executive will have a lesser burden.
He further commended the office of the National Organizing Secretary for the move he described as proactive leadership and a show of greatness.

Mr. Umaru Koroma revealed that even though the party is yet to officially roll out to the office of the National Organizing secretary to effectively and efficiently begin their work for the 2023 general elections, Hon. Musa Moigua, through his wise office, has decided to do the needful before the party intervenes.

The National Secretary-General further indicated that they have but just one plan as a party. That is taking President Bio back to the statehouse with nothing less than 70% as a sign of appreciation from the People of Sierra Leone. He expressed great optimism over the percentage in the next general elections.

Self-introduction of all organizing secretaries at district and regional levels marked the program’s continuation as Hon. Musa Moigua, in his short submission, also noted that his office is working with the straight-line plan that will see the SLPP and President Bio back to the statehouse, thus the reason for the two-day gathering.

Hon. Moigua states that day two of the engagement will precede the forming committees and other structures for the sixteen months left for the 2023 elections.

The climax of day one was a live band show to entertain members of the SLPP present at Valentine’s night club in Bo city as they rubbed the skin with each other.

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