President Bio and Minister Sengeh Make The Case For Human Capital Development At Global Education Summit

President Bio At Global Education SummitPresident Bio At Global Education Summit

Proper measurement of impact generates data for further evidence-based conversations: President Bio and Minister Sengeh at the July 2021 Global Education Summit.

The President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Dr. Julius Maada Bio, is in the UK to represent Sierra Leone at the Global Education Summit (GES). GES meets in the United Kingdom to “Raise their Hands” to support quality education for all children!

The meeting takes place on July 28 and 29th of 2021. President Bio and Minister Sengeh are global voices, thought leaders, and consciences of innovation through radical inclusion for educational empowerment and sustainability when it comes to education.

The paradigm shifts initiative by minister Sengeh from teacher-centered pedagogy to student-focused collaboration and problem-solving with analytical skills. Critical thinking will aid children’s neural connections while serving as the formative platform for strong cognitive development. 

Dr. Sengeh’s strong background in technology has no small measure. He emphasized data collection, data analysis, and sound conclusions in his approach to evidence-based policy initiatives.

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) serves as the platform for the world education summit.

President Bio At Global Education Summit

The focus of GPE during this meeting is facilitating inclusive partnership by bringing actors from all corners of the globe to collaborate and focus on evidence-based challenges.

The organization offers material, technical, and financial support while sharing best practices from countries worldwide.

In just three short years, President Bio and his Education Minister, Dr. Sengeh, have changed the DNA of education in Sierra Leone.

In the last eighteen months, The surging COVID-19 pandemic continues to test the President and his minister’s resolve. Both are intensely compelled to reimagine education in radical ways to include more vulnerable constituencies and children across Sierra Leone.   

The reimagining has involved but is not limited to using technology to bridge the equity divide through radio and television. Mobile phones as devices through which educational materials like dictionaries and classroom resources are accessed continue to be included in the nation’s academic toolbox of assets for equity and inclusion.

The hope for the next academic year is to complete thirty new early childhood centers in various districts. The centers will support a more democratic and practical pedagogical philosophy of play-based learning for early childhood development.

Another thirty-five early childhood centers will follow in the second phase of the GPE ECD rollout. Learning through play eventually builds the neurological templates for robust analytical processes. Play-based learning employs lively, meaningful, creative imaginations, supporting the development of children’s executive functions.

The play-based learning approach these GPE early childhood learning centers will employ has been studied to serve as a key driver for kids and caregiver bonding. 

President Bio and Minister Sengeh’s Basic and Secondary education program’s hallmark is building a more resilient educational infrastructure through a commitment to gender equity, teacher and professional development opportunities, and making changes at the systems level.

The focus of the New Direction government has been on the children, with supportive, inclusive, and transformative emphasis. Under the leadership of president Bio and Minister Sengeh, the people’s government continues to identify achievement and digital gaps in our educational system and remains committed to closing them.

Minister Sengeh and his team have had an extensive high-level conversation on multiple pressing education issues with key global stakeholders.

President Bio appears on the world stage today, July 29th. He will articulate his vision and commitment to the school children of Sierra Leone and share his aspirations for them with other world leaders.

Sierra Leone’s Human Capital Development remains a bright spot on the continent, reflecting positively on President Bio and his government. The government’s commitment to allocate almost a quarter of the annual national budget to the provision of Free Quality Education for all is a testament to President Bio’s commitment to HCD.

The world will be better off because of president Bio’s presence at the Global summit on education. The children of Sierra leone are better served because he came to this summit. The nation joins the President and his Basic and Secondary Education Minister in the vision of reimagining education through radical inclusion.

By Emmanuel G. Allie

Emmanuel G. Allie is the Global Partnership for Education Coordinator (GPE) at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary School Education.