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According to the SLPP North America Young Generation Leader, Mohamed Bah, SLPP has open doors for Fullahs in Sierra Leone, and the younger generation is taking notice with an abundant sense of gratitude for the most progressive political party in the history of Sierra Leone.  The Fullahs, in turn, has significantly taken advantage of the opportunity and built an enviable financial empire within the country that adds more potential to their communities.

Chericoco Becomes APC VPC And Attempts To Rewrite History

Mohamed Bah SLPPNA YG Leader

Mohamed Bah SLPPNA YG Leader

Hon. Chernor Maju Bah, also known as Chericoco, Vice Presidential candidate for the APC, you are way above your pay grade, in trying to misinform  Sierra Leoneans, about the critical relationships the SLPP had and still have with the Fullahs.

You are not at fault here, and I will not blame you for your youthful indiscretions. I will, however, warn you that a good politician is only deemed so if his or her knowledge of history is impeccable.

Now, let me take this opportunity to educate you about the history of the great Fullah people and the all mighty SLPP, the parent of Sierra Leone democracy.

SLPP And Fullah – A Legacy Of Gradual Progress

When the great Othman Jalloh became chief of Foraydugu Chiefdom, the people challenged his chieftaincy in 1957.  The SLPP ruled to keep the Fullah Mansas, as the sole dynasty of Foraydugu chiefdom in PortLokko district.

Opposing chieftaincy of the Mansas was the first political leader of the APC, late Siaka Stevens.

The very first minister of Education was the late Amadu Wurie of Gbenti. I  can stop right here and claim victory.

However, I believe, the great Fullahs deserve to know more.

While this feeble APC attempt to create a Fullah president is fraught in the misplaced effort of your youthful exuberance to reach such a purported principal office, it nevertheless grants you no authority to replace the SLPP excellent relationship with the great Fullah people with your mediocre attempt of diabolical inexactitudes.

Notable and Wealthy Fullahs Pave Way To Economic Power In Sierra Leone

One of the wealthiest Fullahs to be was the late Alhaji Momodu Alie, of Magazine cut.  History said of him that at a time when most people could not afford a house, he alone had ninety-nine houses in Freetown. He held over ten thousand heads of cattle, plus the whole of Orrogu hills. He was able to achieve the above and more because the great men and women, who later formed the SLPP, made Sierra Leone, the land of freedom and inclusion.

All the wealthiest Fullahs in the history of Sierra Leone from the late Bailor Barrie, Alhagi Momodo Alpha  Bah of Sackville Street and Kono, the great Alhagi Wurroh of Ro Kullan and his brother Agiebu Jalloh, all created their wealth because of the inclusive policies of the mighty SLPP.

The late great Lamie Sedique rose to the level of Provincial Secretary in the Sierra Leone Civil Service, courtesy of the SLPP.

The famous Barrister, Hon. Sulaiman Tejan-Jalloh and his sister became highly influential and prominent like their dad, thanks to the SLPP.

All the rich and powerful Fullah chiefs and businesspeople that once graced Koidu succeeded because of stability and stellar economic policies of the SLPP – a commercial success that pushed the great nation of Sierra Leone to its zenith and, reduced to economic stagnation and war by the APC

Mr. Vice presidential candidate, show me a single Fullah in Sierra Leone that the great SLPP, the Kombrah party of Sierra Leone for whom the Party did not open the doors.

SLPP As Protector Of Fullahs In Turbulent And Uncertain Times In History

All of Fullahs came to the SLPP for protection from the tyranny and brutality of the late Sheku Turay of Guinea.

The APC, when they rose to power in the early seventies, went for the mass deportation of all Fullahs from Sierra Leone.  The SLPP and the good Creoles hid and protected all the Fullah people from that APC madness.

We could not believe it when the late Siaka Stevens extradited our beloved Fullah chief, Bapa Bah, to Guinea for incarceration in the notorious Alpha Yaya prison. When he was handed over back to  Sierra Leone by the British Red Cross, he was a broken man and died later due to the brutality he endured by the delinquent behavior of the APC.

All young Fullahs, must read and understand the brutality that the Fullahs suffered in the hands of the APC and fight hard to keep the sins that the APC inflicted on the great Fullah, nation from ever happening again.

 The APC destroyed the famous Dr. Sheriff  Ismon and J. C.Samuels because they criticized the APC political witch hunt against the Fullah people.


Conclusion – A Call To Action For Chericoco

The APC would have never considered you Chernor Bah, for a Vice presidential candidate had the SLPP not hid your beautiful Fullah family from the deportation machine of the APC.

I hope to hear you say, thanks to the SLPP for our great inclusive policies, the opportunity to, maybe, Vice-President, is at hand.

 Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!

Thanks for all the SLPP has done to keep the Fullahs safe and prosperous in blessed Sierra Leone.

Note.  The above is just a tip of the ice.  On March 7, 2018, I asked all Fullas across Sierra Leone to vote for SLPP.

Mohamed Bah, Young Generation leader SLPPNA


Chief Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah

Chief Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah

Editor’s Note:  Mohamed Bah is the SLPP Young Generation leader for North America region.  Young Bah is the son of late Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah of Gbonbor Street in Kono and, Sackville St in Freetown.  For a long time, Alhaji Bah was the Fullah Chief for Kono District.  Chief Bah was among the five Fullah headsmen to sign in parliament room number one, giving Fullahs the right to vote in Sierra Leone.  He was also a pioneer of many successful Fullah ventures in Sierra Leone.  For example, building Mosques, Schools and, providing scholarship and many more. With a large family of 46 children, Mohamed Bah YGL SLPPNA is child number 44.

Chief Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah and the Fullah community in Kono were firm and early supporters of the SLPP, especially during the periods of the Margais.  Any time Sir Milton or Albert was in Kono, they will visit Chief Bah and receive the support of the Fullah community.

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  1. Well spoken Mr. M. Bah

  2. Does APC think our people are fools to followed their trap.

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Young Generation indeed you truly lecture Chericoco who clearly don’t know much about his own history.

  4. Mr. Mohamed Bah you have no right to attack Chernor Maju Bah he is right in 1996 SLPP did not help Fulla in Sierra Leone.

  5. I am not a Fulla but, I remember Fullah people being arrested in Sierra Leone. What a day in history, now the same Fullah is going to rule that county. Small world.
    Well spoken, Mr. Young generation leader for SLPP in North America, Mohamed Bah!

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