Songa: A Wonderful Characters in Comparative Perspective

Bantilo Songa is neither too young to be our National Chairman nor is he too old to embrace pieces of advice from his elders and age group in his efforts to take our beloved party to higher heights. In his capacity as our next Chairman, Mr. Songa’s multi-faceted roles will always leave us with the reassuring concept of dedicated leadership as we know it.

To hear this gentleman outline his plans for our party, the SLPP, is to admire and appreciate him for all the willingness he has been demonstrating to sacrifice himself on the altar of the party’s interest, and hence the country that he loves so much. One of the strongest and most effective attributes of Hon Bantilo Songa’s leadership is HUMILITY embellished by COMPASSION, DEDICATION, PATRIOTISM, and HONESTY.

Electing this young and vibrant guy is akin to electing a hard-working person committed to working with the grassroots who has always enjoyed being in his company all these years to put our beloved country at the pinnacle of success.

God bless our President, HE Julius Maada Bio, and God save our country, and May God hear our prayers for Hon Batilo Songa.

by Dominic Powui