About Us

SLPP Today (ST) presents News, Politics, People, Culture, Places, and analysis, providing an objective platform for Sierra Leone People’s Party stakeholders to manage their message and tell their stories.


The Sierra Leone People’s Party has been in opposition since 2007. It won the 2018 elections with Julius Maada Bio as President. SLPP Today aims to become the go-to source for relevant information regarding the party as a news portal. Creating a unified forum for shared objectives and goals is the singular idea behind SLPP Today.

SLPP Today is a publication of the Gorilla News Network (GNN), a division of the KIAMAR Group, LLC. KIAMAR Group, LLC, is registered in the United States as a limited liability company specializing in online marketing and web development.

If you are interested in learning more about the SLPP, read Peter Tucker’s “A History of Sierra Leone People’s Party.”