Sierra Leone Welcomes Groundbreaking Malaria Vaccine

Sierra Leone Welcomes Groundbreaking Malaria Vaccine

Sierra Leone – A New Era in Public Health

In a landmark development for public health, Sierra Leone received its first shipment of malaria vaccines at Freetown International Airport, marking a significant stride in the country’s ongoing battle against this prevalent disease.

The Health Minister, Dr. Austin Demby, along with deputies Dr. Charles Senesie and Dr. Jalikatu Mustapha, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sartie Kenneh, were present to witness the arrival of the vaccines, valued at US$ 5.5 million. This pivotal moment offers hope to millions, particularly children under five, who are disproportionately affected by malaria.

Annually, malaria accounts for over two million hospital visits in Sierra Leone, with the under-five age group representing half of these cases. Alarmingly, it also contributes to 25% of child deaths in the country.

The vaccine’s arrival heralds the start of a new chapter in Sierra Leone’s healthcare history. Plans are underway to integrate these vaccines into Gavi-supported routine immunization programs, set to commence in the first quarter of 2024. This proactive approach aims to significantly reduce malaria and save countless lives.

This achievement underscores the relentless dedication of Sierra Leone’s healthcare workers, who have been instrumental in navigating public health challenges and ensuring the nation’s well-being.

As Sierra Leone embarks on this transformative healthcare journey, spreading awareness about the importance of vaccination and disease prevention is crucial. The introduction of the malaria vaccine is not just a medical triumph but a beacon of hope for the future generations of Sierra Leone.

Join SLPP Today in celebrating this milestone and share this news widely. Together, we can fortify our collective fight against malaria and safeguard the health of our children.

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