EU Applauds Sierra Leone’s Democratic Stability with a Comprehensive Electoral Report Submitted to Parliament

presenting the report to the Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundupresenting the report to the Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu

Freetown, 12th October 2023 – In a significant move underscoring Sierra Leone’s commitment to transparent and accountable elections, the European Union Observer Mission has officially handed over its comprehensive report on the June 24 multi-tier elections to the Parliament of Sierra Leone.

The submission took place in the esteemed Speaker’s Board Room of the Parliament Building, with the Chief Observer of the European Union Observer Mission and Member of the EU Parliament, Evin Incir, presenting the report to the Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu.

Ms. Incir highlighted that the EU had deployed a robust team of 104 short and long-term observers across Sierra Leone, ensuring comprehensive coverage before, during, and after the pivotal June 24 elections. The report, she emphasized, was built on the foundational pillars of transparency, inclusion, and accountability.

In a nod to Sierra Leone’s commendable democratic stability, Ms. Incir contrasted the nation’s peaceful electoral process with the challenges faced by other countries in the region, such as Burkina Faso. She assured the continued support of the EU to various institutions in Sierra Leone, underlining the nation’s growing reputation as a beacon of democratic governance.

Responding to the submission, Dr. Bundu expressed his gratitude to the EU Observer Mission for their integral role in the electoral process. He assured that the Parliament would meticulously review the report’s recommendations, drawing parallels with previous EU Observer Missions whose recommendations were, where fitting, legislated into law in alignment with the Constitution.

Highlighting the global challenges of electoral processes, Dr. Bundu referenced the ongoing electoral issues in the United States, emphasizing that no nation, regardless of its development status, is immune to electoral challenges. He concluded by echoing Ms. Incir’s sentiments, proudly acknowledging Sierra Leone’s position as a shining example of democratic governance in the region.

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