Ensuring Safe Water in Gondama Barracks

SALWACO team visit Gondama Barracks

A Crucial Visit by SALWACO

On February 2, 2024, the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) took a significant step towards ensuring safe drinking water in provincial areas. Managing Director Ing. George Lamin Vandi, with his team, visited Gondama Barracks. Their mission focused on addressing the urgent need for potable water for the barracks, the hospital, and the local community, including military families.

Immediate Solutions and Long-Term Plans

The team’s visit aimed to assess and address the water scarcity issue quickly. They decided that SALWACO’s MD would green-light a rapid action plan to resume water supply. This short-term solution will pave the way for more sustainable measures. Ing. Yankuba Tarawally, Director of Project Management, will join forces with Ing. Osman Turay, Station Manager for SALWACO Bo, alongside Mr. Dennis Macavorey, Director of Administration, and Ing. Abu Kallon, Operations Manager. Together, they are committed to devising a lasting answer to the water crisis at the barracks.

Collaboration and Support

This initiative aligns with a request from Sierra Leone’s Honorable Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. He called on SALWACO to solve the barracks’ water supply issues immediately. During their visit, the SALWACO team met with the Brigade Commander and senior military officials, highlighting the collaboration between SALWACO and the military to overcome this challenge.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Action

SALWACO’s visit to Gondama Barracks underscores a dedicated effort to ensure everyone, especially those in critical areas like military barracks, has access to safe drinking water. This visit reflects SALWACO’s commitment to immediate relief and developing sustainable water solutions for Sierra Leone’s future.