Lloyd’s & Sherbro: New Sierra Leone Partnership

Lloyd's_Sherbro_New Sierra Leone PartnershipLloyd's_Sherbro_New Sierra Leone Partnership

Lloyd’s and Sherbro Alliance Pioneering Sustainable Development in Sierra Leone

London, United KingdomLloyd’s, the leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace, has teamed up with Sherbro Alliance Partners (SAP). Together, they aim to boost economic resilience and stimulate growth in Sierra Leone’s Sherbro Island. This initiative focuses on sustainable development, emphasizing nature and renewable energy.

A Milestone Agreement

At Lloyd’s iconic London headquarters, the parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This document highlights Lloyd’s commitment to promoting sustainable and regional development goals. Lloyd’s, alongside strategic partners Aon and Tokio Marine Kiln (TMK), will provide expert insurance and risk management support.

Transforming Sherbro Island

Sherbro Island stands on the cusp of a major transformation. The plan is to develop a vibrant eco-city that integrates international standards with Sierra Leone’s rich heritage. The island will feature cutting-edge infrastructure, business-friendly policies, and modern amenities. It aims to attract tourists, investors, and residents, focusing on renewable energy, eco-tourism, and sustainable business models.

Collaborative Efforts and Future Prospects

SAP is working with the Government of Sierra Leone on feasibility studies. These studies will clarify the insurance needs for the island’s ambitious projects in renewable energy, eco-tourism, and business.

John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s, shared his excitement about the project. He highlighted Lloyd’s key role in supporting innovative and regenerative projects worldwide. “Working with SAP shows our commitment to sustainable growth,” Neal said.

John Neal_Idriss Elba_Lloyds_Sherbro_New Sierra Leone Partnership

John Neal_Idriss Elba_Lloyds_Sherbro_New Sierra Leone Partnership

Idris Elba, SAP’s co-founder, discussed the partnership’s importance. He stressed the shared goal of developing sustainable African cities. Siaka Stevens, another co-founder, highlighted the role of partnerships in creating cities that are advanced, environmentally friendly, inclusive, and economically strong.

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