National Emergency Declared Over Substance Abuse Crisis

National Emergency Declared Over Substance Abuse CrisisNational Emergency Declared Over Substance Abuse Crisis

National Emergency Declared Over Substance Abuse Crisis

In an urgent address to the nation, Sierra Leone’s President declared a National Emergency on drug and substance abuse. Amid the scourge of the synthetic drug Kush, he expressed deep concern over the devastation it is wreaking on the country’s youth. Despite government efforts, the use of Kush, oblivious to social boundaries, is causing widespread destruction in communities.

The President emphasized the unacceptable death toll among young people due to addiction. To combat this, he announced a broadened scope for the government task force, adopting a multifaceted approach to this escalating crisis. A new national task force encompassing various government sectors, community groups, and religious organizations will focus on eradicating this epidemic.

A five-part strategy will guide the fight for a drug-free future. It will include prevention campaigns, establishing treatment centers in every district, comprehensive recovery services, intensified law enforcement actions against the drug supply chain, and crucial community engagement.

The President called for collective action in this battle against Kush. He outlined government plans to ramp up educational efforts, increase support for those struggling with addiction, and create jobs to combat idleness—a contributor to drug abuse.

He sternly warned those involved in the drug trade, promising intensified law enforcement and judiciary actions. However, he stressed that overcoming this menace requires the solidarity of every Sierra Leonean. He invoked the spirit that the nation displayed against past epidemics, urging the same unity to prevail over this challenge.

The President concluded by extending condolences to families who have lost loved ones to Kush, affirming the government’s commitment to this fight. He invoked blessings upon Sierra Leone and called for divine guidance in protecting the nation and its future generations.