ECOWAS Leadership Under Scrutiny

ECOWAS Leadership Under Scrutiny Dr. Omar Alieu Touray assumed ECOWAS presidency in 2022, leading an entire 15-member West African coalition.  Under Dr. Touray, ECOWAS faces…

Michelle Obama and Fatima Bio

This story explores the impactful advocacy work of Michelle Obama and Fatima Bio. Both women have skillfully used their platforms to promote education, health, and women’s rights, symbolizing their commitment to empowering future generations. Their initiatives across the US and Sierra Leone have left a lasting legacy of social change.

Magnesium and High Blood Pressure

Magnesium and High Blood Pressure: A Natural Path to Heart Health Millions face high blood pressure, which often requires a multifaceted approach to management. Dietary…

British Royal Navy Strengthens Maritime Security in Sierra Leone Ports

This visit by the British Royal Navy to Sierra Leone’s ports is a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to enhance maritime security. By leveraging international support and expertise, Sierra Leone is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its maritime borders, contributing to regional stability and global trade security.

Lloyd’s & Sherbro: New Sierra Leone Partnership

Lloyd’s teams up with Sherbro Alliance to boost Sierra Leone’s Sherbro Island with sustainable development. The partnership focuses on eco-city transformation, renewable energy, and eco-tourism, aiming for economic resilience and growth.

Empowering CBOs in Sierra Leone: A Call to Action by Ambassador Unisa Fofanah

Ambassador Unisa Fofanah from the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation talks about the big role small community groups play in making Sierra Leone better. He points out they face tough challenges like not enough money, poor facilities, and not having the right skills. Fofanah says we need to help these groups by giving them money, support, and training so they can do their jobs better. He wants everyone—government, charities, and global partners—to work together to boost these groups. His big idea is that when these community groups are strong, they can really help make things better for everyone in Sierra Leone.