President Bio Commends Pee Cee Holdings for Pioneering Agricultural Advancements in Sierra Leone

Pee Cee Holdings agricultural advancementsPee Cee Holdings agricultural advancements

Event Highlights and Key Figures

In an uplifting event at Mathen Village, Lokomasama, President Dr. Julius Maada Bio recently praised Pee Cee Agriculture Ltd for their significant contributions to Sierra Leone’s agricultural sector. Under CEO Mahesh Nandwani’s leadership, the company showcased remarkable strides in advancing the nation towards agricultural self-sufficiency.

During the April 13, 2024 ceremony, prominent figures such as Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh and Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Musa Kpaka joined President Bio. They collectively acknowledged Pee Cee Holdings’ efforts in expanding its farm operations from 10 to 20 hectares during a crucial period of onion shortage, underlining the company’s pivotal role in the government’s ‘Feed Salone’ initiative.

Government and Community Collaboration

President Bio emphasized the collaborative spirit between the government, Pee Cee Holdings, and local chiefs, which has been instrumental in enhancing the region’s agricultural framework. He applauded the local chiefs’ support and encouraged other regional leaders to replicate the Lokomasama project’s success.

Addressing the local community, President Bio urged Sierra Leoneans to embrace farming, highlighting the global economic challenges and the critical need for food security. He endorsed Pee Cee and its endeavors, emphasizing the substantial financial investments made in the agricultural sector. The President’s call to action was clear: self-reliance in food production is paramount, and no foreign entity can substitute the local efforts needed to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, President Bio highlighted the economic impact of Pee Cee’s agricultural activities, noting that the company’s efforts have not only saved significant amounts on onion importation costs but also created job opportunities for the residents of Port Loko District. He encouraged other Paramount Chiefs to engage in productive activities to foster community economic development.

Mahesh Nandwani, CEO of Pee Cee and Sons, expressed gratitude towards the attendees and reiterated the company’s commitment to agriculture. He recalled Sierra Leone’s rich agricultural past and motivated the community to return to those prosperous times.

The event concluded with a Pee Cee Agriculture Farm tour and a symbolic onion harvesting ceremony, celebrating the progress made towards food self-sustainability. President Bio also took this opportunity to express his support for upcoming ventures in rice farming and other agricultural productions planned by Pee Cee.

Future Prospects and Economic Impact

This gathering not only marked a day of agricultural celebration but also set the stage for future expansions that could position Sierra Leone as an agricultural exporter, potentially transforming the national economy and enhancing the livelihoods of its citizens.

In conclusion, the government’s partnership with Pee Cee Holdings is a beacon of progress and hope for Sierra Leone’s agricultural sector. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in overcoming challenges and advancing a more self-sufficient future.