Samura Kamara Wants To Bring This Country Back To The Colonial Era Of 1961


Will he reduce Sierra Leone to 12 tribes instead of 16, OR to 12 Districts instead of 16, OR 3 Provinces instead of 6?

by Tologondo Saagba

Sierra Leone became independent on April 27, 1961, any day before that date in 1961, was a dark day in British colonial control over our people.

It is also known that the APC leader Siaka Steven, at that time, was fervently against our country becoming independent. He fought tooth and nail against independence. In fact, on independence day, he had to be restrained under house arrest because he threatened to unleash terrorism and mayhem to disrupt the independent celebration.

Samura Kamara, the newly elected APC flag bearer, has threatened to bring our country back to 1961, what exactly does he mean by that? He owes an explanation of that statement to the nation. Some of my questions are:

1. Does Samura intend to denounce our independence and Republic status and invite the British back to rule over us again?
2. Does he intend to roll back all the gains of modernization we have achieved and bring back backwardness?
3. Will he extinquish our multinational relationships, including bilateral, regional and international cooperations around the world?
4. Will he reduce Sierra Leone to 12 tribes instead of 16, OR to 12 Districts instead of 16, OR 3 Provinces instead of 6?
5. Will he eliminate Falaba, Karina districts, the Northwest and Western Area as provinces?
6. Will he remove the new roads, bridges, electrical services, airport etc. that President Bio and SLPP has built?

These are just some the differences between Sierra Leone in March, 1961 and now.

A statement like the one made by Samura Kamara clearly shows his BACKWARD mentality against progress and modernization. He and his APC goons are clearly bent on keeping Salone away from the path of modern progress into the doldrums of perpetual darkness:
1. That’s why their people and supporters prefer extreme profanity to civilize dialog.
2. They prefer physical fights to friendly discussions
3. They prefer tribal division to tribal unity.
4. They prefer tribal war and property destruction to tribal harmony and infrastructure development.
5. They hate clean cities and good living environments. That’s why they opposed the Maada Bio once-a-month city cleaning campaign in favor of their filthy, rat-infested and garbage-loaded gutters.
6. They hate to be under modern electric lights so they cut down electric wire destroy transformers and burn down electric poles.
7. They prefer living in Pam Body dungeons, so they burn down decent homes of progressive people.
8. They like to steal, so they steal everything from electric wires to cars.

These are the, sort of, characteristics of backwardness that Samura Kamara wants to take this country back to.

Maada Bio and SLPP will NOT let that happen. We won’t let him return us to the dark ages of backwardness. Maada Bio is bent on bringing Salone UP to modern standards of the progressive nations of the world. We refuse to remain a backward people based on the backward mentalities of unprogressive Samura and his APC.