Samura Kamara’s Backward Mentality is Not Welcome in Sierra Leone

Samura Kamara’s Backward Mentality is Not Welcome in Sierra Leone

In a recent statement, Samura Kamara, the APC flag bearer, expressed his intention to bring Sierra Leone back to 1961, the colonial era when the British ruled over us. According to Tologondo Saagba, this statement raises several questions about his intentions for the country.

Does Kamara want to denounce our independence and invite the British back to rule over us again? Does he want to roll back the gains we have achieved in modernization and bring back backwardness? Will he eliminate districts and provinces and reduce Sierra Leone to 12 tribes? These are just a few of the concerning questions that we need answers to.

Kamara’s statement shows a clear lack of understanding of the progress Sierra Leone has made since 1961. His backward mentality is not welcome in a country that is striving towards modernization and progress.

Furthermore, the APC’s preference for profanity, physical fights, and tribal division over civil discourse, friendly discussions, and tribal unity shows a clear lack of respect for the people of Sierra Leone. They oppose city cleaning campaigns and destroy infrastructure like electric wires and transformers, showing a clear disdain for progress and development.

President Maada Bio and the SLPP are committed to bringing Sierra Leone up to modern standards and will not let Kamara’s backward mentality take us back to the dark ages of unprogressiveness. We reject his ideas and remain committed to moving forward towards a brighter future for all Sierra Leoneans.

Let us reject Kamara’s backward mentality and work towards progress and modernization.