Sierra Leone and China Forge Stronger Ties with Appointment Of New Ambassador


On January 30th, 2024, a pivotal moment unfolded for Sierra Leone-China relations, with Ambassador Abu Bakarr Karim assuming his new role as Sierra Leone’s ambassador to China. This event, hosted at the Great Hall Presidential Palace in Beijing, wasn’t merely ceremonial; it was a testament to the deepening ties between the two nations.

Ambassador Karim, representing the goodwill of Sierra Leone, presented his Letter of Credence to Chinese President Xi Jinping. This gesture, steeped in diplomatic tradition, underscored Sierra Leone’s intent to bolster its relationship with China. Karim relayed heartfelt greetings from President Julius Maada Bio, echoing the sentiment of strengthening cooperation and friendship.

The reception from President Xi Jinping was equally warm and welcoming. He lauded the fruitful cooperation between Sierra Leone and China, especially in critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare sectors. President Xi’s commendation of Ambassador Karim highlighted China’s dedication to fostering a strong bilateral partnership.

This ceremony was more than just an exchange of formalities; it reaffirmed the commitment of Sierra Leone and China to a shared vision of development and cooperation. The subsequent reception in honor of Ambassador Karim celebrated his successful credential presentation and the embassy team’s vital role in promoting Sierra Leone’s interests in China.

Ambassador Karim’s commitment, coupled with the embassy staff’s professionalism, bodes well for the future of Sierra Leone-China relations. This dynamic partnership, founded on mutual respect and collective aspirations, aims to further progress, peace, and prosperity for both countries.

As Ambassador Karim embarks on his diplomatic mission, the solid support from Sierra Leone and China marks a promising new chapter in their relations. This collaboration is set to open new avenues for cooperation, benefiting both nations in the future.