Sierra Leone Stands Steadfast: Enhancing Security Amid Rising Challenges

21st July, 2023

FREETOWN – Despite recent disturbances, the overall security situation in Sierra Leone remains relatively calm, authorities said on Thursday. A few grave incidents, however, have underlined the need for continued vigilance and cooperation among all citizens.

“The Sierra Leone Police issued a Press Statement on 19th July 2023 in relation to death threats over social media against citizens and other national officials,” the Saving Lives Together (SLT) framework noted. The statement highlighted a provision in the Cybersecurity and Crime Act of 2021, which warns against sharing information jeopardizing national security.

In Freetown, the western capital, several incidents have been reported, such as a woman being found tied up and gagged at the Circular Road Cemetery, an impersonator of a police officer being arrested, and a lethal domestic dispute on Savage Street. Additionally, suspicious deaths and severe assault cases have sparked thorough police investigations.

In the Northern Province, a severe fire consumed a businessman’s home in Tambaya Ballya town, leaving family members with serious burns, but no fatalities. However, no security or hazard-related incidents were reported from the Southern Province. The Eastern Province police are investigating an unidentified adult male’s suspicious death in Gombu Section, Kenema.

On a separate note, the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has withdrawn testing for inbound and outbound passengers until further notice. “All inbound and outbound passengers MUST register on the travel portal,, before travelling into or out of Sierra Leone,” according to the Public Notice issued on 7th July, 2022. The notice strongly encouraged vaccination and reminded citizens that the pandemic is not over.

The public has been advised to follow the provided hygiene and safety tips to reduce the virus’s spread. These include maintaining social distancing, washing hands regularly, practicing respiratory etiquette, and frequently cleaning hard surfaces.

Sierra Leone’s security situation remains a testament to the nation’s resilience and commitment to maintaining peace. However, these incidents underline the persistent necessity for robust security measures, law enforcement diligence, and citizen awareness and cooperation. The nation is urged to remain vigilant as authorities continue their efforts to provide safety for all citizens.