SLPP Final Rally In Bo Town Was Climatic Of Victory

In his call on the people of Bo, he was repetitive and emphatic, “Bo Town! My people of Bo! Bo Town! My people of Bo! You own this fight, take it to the ballots.”

Good day SLPP Diaspora. Today, Monday, March 5, 2018. I am on my old stomping grounds, Bo, a city full of social vitality and political action.

SLPP is the language here, and residents speak it in different forms. “Tolongbo nor go sidom ya” seem to be the standard parlance.

It appears this bustling second largest city in Sierra Leone otherwise known as Sweet Bo is the epicenter of the final SLPP push to a decisive victory.

Coincidentally, it only made sense that political rally calendar favored the SLPP Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio (Rtd. Brig) to close his rallies in Bo where he was once a student at the Bo Government Secondary School.

People’s appetites here are wet not only for a new direction but for a sense of normalcy in a climate where they feel everything is gone chaotic and life to live is as paradise as an APC government in power.

The city of Bo is defiantly engaged in solidarity with the SLPP. The young and old lined the streets to rally for a Party that they carry on their shoulders like a cross. There is a show of muscularity that is unstoppable and a sense of victory here.

I joined the rally from Kebbie Town section of the city on the main motorway leading into Bo.

We meandered through the Bo-Kenema Highway into town and then through former Mobil Gas Station on Sewa Road.

At this point, the build-up was as massive as a surge in modern warfare. An energetic young Bio die-hard said, “den bin say we nor borku, but tiday we go show dem waetin na SLPP.”

The crowd disliked anything red along the way including the car we drove in owned by a senior SLPP campaign team member.

Even though we were in SLPP regalia and the car plastered with SLPP Team 2018 stickers, their messages against the red car were not so gracious.

No wonder the car itself broke down few yards from the Bo Mini-Stadium.

Some supporters even prayed along the way for the sun to fade away. Nature answered their call and ushered in the drizzling rain which brought down the temperatures tremendously to the relief of all.

Growing up in Bo, I do not remember such level of passion and dedication by supporters toward a single political candidate.

Our support then was divided either between Joe Jackson, Daramy Rogers or Joe Samu of the “paepae” whistleblowing fame.

Today was different, and the outpouring will send a message that the SLPP 2018 is not the SLPP in 2012 and so the march to the Bo Mini-Stadium was like a religious pilgrimage – faith, love, and victory.

There were chants and recitation along the way.

More indulging was the SLPP voter education song, “Put am Dae tup” The song has a special appeal that resonates with SLPP supporters. It also drifted many youngsters into the “rude song” ambiance much like the famous 2016 Christmas hit song, “Cherr am.”

Interestingly, it turns out the song is more innocent than you may conclude.

At the Stadium, Bio spoke loud and clear.

His message could only be summed up to capture a moment of clear and present danger.

In his call on the people of Bo, he was repetitive and emphatic, “Bo Town! My people of Bo! Bo Town! My people of Bo! You own this fight, take it to the ballots.”

It was seriously electrifying and enlightening.

“We either win, or we win,” Bio closed the rally.

The moment is here, and victory is on our side.

Prepare yourselves for two things, get ready to celebrate after March 7 or to continue to fight for the Party you believe.

One country, one people!

© Paul Duwai-Sowa (PDS)