SLPPNA’s Amendment to Bylaws: A Violation of Democratic Processes

The recent amendment to the bylaws of the Sierra Leone People Party’s (SLPP) North America region has raised serious concerns about the democratic processes of the party. The amendment, which was allegedly passed without proper consultation and notification of all members, is a violation of the party’s constitution and undermines the growth and development of the region.

The SLPPNA’s bylaws were allegedly claimed to have been passed on March 11th, 2023, with less than seven days’ notice and without proper directives for members to make recommendations. This short notice prevented chapter heads from calling meetings with their members to present the draft bylaws, and not all members were notified due to limited communication channels. This lack of transparency and democratic processes is concerning and goes against the principles of the SLPP.

Furthermore, the bylaws contain clauses that need to be properly addressed and discussed with all members, such as Section 6.4.4, which omits the Secretary-General, and Section 5.3.2, which grants Deputy positions voting privileges in SLPPNA. The amendment also includes a provision that allows the regional executive to expel members from the party, which raises questions about due process and fairness.

The SLPPNA’s amendment to its bylaws falls short of the threshold required for amendments to the party’s constitution, as stated in Article 22.2. The bylaws were allegedly circulated for only seven days, while the minimum standard is two months. Additionally, the number of delegates present at the convention, which approved the bylaws, was less than the 50+1 members required to approve any bylaws at the convention.

The SLPPNA’s amendment to its bylaws is a violation of the democratic processes of the party and undermines the growth and development of the region. We urge the national executive to intervene and correct this mistake, and for the regional executive to follow the proper procedures for any future amendments to the bylaws. The SLPPNA must ensure that all members have the opportunity to look at this important document and make an informed decision about it. It is crucial to uphold democratic principles and ensure that all members have a voice in the party’s decision-making processes.