Maada Bio Receives Warm Welcome In Kychom

NOW IN KYCHOM (And happily so)

The SLPP GREEN TRAIN, with the retired brigadier Julius Maada Bio at the helm, is on its way to Kambia.  The team has just touched down in Kychom to engage with the good people of that township positively.

As always, what should be a few hours journey is taking an entire day because the retired brigadier and his team have made it a point of campaign policy to “leave no village or town untouched.”

This morning the first major stop was in Songo where, as is usual with this convoy, a large crowd was out to receive them – with passion!

Next was Magbenta in the Koya Chiefdom.  The retired brigadier commissioned a new SLPP office for the Magbenta community. The SLPP parliamentary candidate for the area, Mr. Kanu, was present to supervise the opening the building project which he sponsored.

Then the GREEN train went on to Bubuya in the Samu Chiefdom. And yet to another grand welcoming ceremony.

Right now the convoy is in Kychom, in the Samu Chiefdom!

Please stay tuned as we bring you more on this long but worthwhile journey.  The journey is going to take us around the country and then, finally, to State House, come March 7, 2018, when the entire nation is on course to go.

And this is Kychom, always GREEN and forever green!

By Abdulai Braima – a London-based Sierra Leonean Social Media  Commentator on current issues dealing with Social, Political and Cultural events as they unfold by the hour.