APC Puts Undue Pressure on the Electoral Process


DATE: 8th March 2018

The APC Government Plans To Put Undue Pressure on the Electoral Process and Endanger Public Order and National Security

The Sierra Leone People’s Party wishes to inform the general public, national and international elections observers and the international community at large that the All People’s Congress Government is planning to put undue pressure on the electoral process with the objective of endangering public order and national security by announcing fake Presidential results.

Credible sources have revealed that the APC Government is planning to unleash chaos through inciting their supporters to take to the streets and afterward declare the presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress Party, Dr. Samura Kamara, the winner of the presidential polls of 7th March 2018. They intend to use the security architecture to enforce this plan and accomplish the nefarious objective.

We view this intended action by the All People’s Congress Government as a desperate attempt to create public chaos, undermine the integrity of the elections and disrupt the entire electoral process. Such action constitutes a serious threat to the entire electoral process, public order and national security in the country.

While the Sierra Leone People’s Party is confident of an outright victory based on provisional results displayed so far, we want to call on our supporters nationwide to stay calm and not to play into the hands of the All Peoples Congress’ diabolical plan.

We want to remind our supporters and the numerous stakeholders of the electoral process that the National Electoral Commission has the sole responsibility to declare the results of the just-concluded polls. Any announcement other than the official declaration made by the National Electoral Commission shall render the declarant fully responsible for the consequences that may ensue.

We want to use this opportunity to renew our unflinching commitment to accepting the results of elections so long as they are the product of free, fair, democratic and transparent elections. In that regard, we want to call on the National Electoral Commission and the various observer groups to work assiduously to maintain and preserve the integrity of the entire electoral process.

The End.

Umaru Napoleon Koroma
(National Secretary General)