Fatima Bio Is Guest Of Honor At New Jersey Fundraiser

Dear Fellow Party Members:

Fatima Bio

Fatima Bio

Our region is honored with the presence of Mrs. Fatima Bio, wife of our Party’s Presidential candidate, the retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.  The region recognizes the incredible energy Mrs. Bio brings to our Party and the entire election process.

The Party notes, with total admiration, the extraordinary charisma she adds to our national vision.  You have come to represent not just a radiant beam of hope for our nation, but an electrifying tide of affection sweeping across our national landscape while bringing hope to our forgotten people.

It is not lost to any member of the SLPP family, that you have, by your demonstrated commitment, and sheer determination to champion the cause of our people, forever changed the role of a first lady in waiting.

Our Party harbors no reservation in our conviction that your tireless efforts, and defying tenacity, has been a significant factor in winning the hearts of our people, and the support of our nation.

Please accept our humble, yet inadequate acknowledgment of your presence in our region.  We thank you for your service to Party, your love of country, and fidelity to humanity.

Wishing you God’s speed, and love, during your stay in our region.


Emmanuel G. Allie

SLPPNA Sec. Gen.