Is APC Employing ELECTRICITY POLITICS as Their Final Election Sabotage Strategy?

Is APC Employing ELECTRICITY POLITICS as Their Final Election Sabotage Strategy?

by Tologondoe Sagbah

Less than three months before the general elections, why are electrical shutdowns and outages becoming more frequent all over Freetown?

The country has been enjoying nationwide electricity facilities provided by the Maada Bio administration. Yet, why are many small provincial towns experiencing more stable electrical supply facilities than Freetown? And why are electricity service providers in Freetown making life difficult for fellow citizens?

This situation raises questions about APC’s electricity politics – the last tool in their 99 ways of stealing elections, but it will fail miserably.

APC has been trying to sabotage President Bio’s re-election opportunities and the SLPP’s return to governance. They have failed woefully in all their strategies. One of their last hopes of sabotage seems to be hinged on using electricity politics to discourage voters against President Bio, but that will not work either.

APC has allegedly encouraged, supported, sponsored, and financed violent demonstrations, including a deadly demonstration coup d’état on August 10, 2022, resulting in the death of 7 police officers and scores of APC’s innocent supporters.

APC’s politics of mammy cuss against women and extreme caustic profanity against the President and First Lady have been “water on ducks’ back.”

APC has also faked and manufactured many lies by staging supposed killings.

All of these devilish tactics have failed, and now APC seems to settle on electric politics to sabotage the Bio administration.

Public opinion suggests that APC leftovers still in charge of public services, such as EDSA and NPA, are using their positions to discredit the second flagship achievement of this administration – electricity – next to free quality education.

They have yet to succeed in discrediting the free quality education program, which has taken off like wildfire amongst parents and school children.

So, they have decided to use electricity as a tool of sabotage against this government.

The perpetrators must be held accountable.

What is causing the unstable electrical supply and delivery fluctuations? Is this being done to cause political harm? Is APC using this “electric politics” to sabotage the Maada Bio’s government?

This must be investigated.