Mohamed Bah At Mandingo Descendant Union


On March 17, 2018, Dallas, Texas, USA was the place to be as the Mandingo Descendants Union (Sabunuyma) celebrate its one year anniversary.

With gust from across the country and around the world, Sierra Leone actor and producer Mohamed Bah was in the spotlight as the keynote speaker and was also given a Lifetime Award as Grand Chief Patron of the organization.

Follows is the speech that Mohamed Bah, who is also the SLPPNA Young Generation Leader, delivered to the Mandingo descendant union:

Good evening distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

With profound humility, l want all here to know that I feel honor for the invitation as your keynote speaker on this momentous occasion of this wonderful organization that has done so much since its inception one year ago.

I want members of this organization  (Madingo Descendants Union) to know that I am grateful to receive this recognition.

It is an honor, and once again, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.   I appreciate this pleasant surprise and accolade.

To say that  I am happy to be here with you is an understatement of the night. But before I go any further, I want you all to know that I feel I belong here not only because I was invited to be the keynote speaker but also because I am half Madingo as well.

My mother is Mandingo which makes me very proud, and to feel at home amongst my respected sisters and brothers.

Let me also at this time take this opportunity to thank the leaders of this beautiful organization.  These include the President, Mr.Sorie Tejan, the vice chair Madam  Mama Kabba, Men’s leader, Mr. Abdulai Salankoli, Women’s leader, Madam Mariama Mansaray and, above all, the rank and file members of this great organization called the Mandingo descendant union of the great state of Texas.

Once again,  thanks to all those who have contributed to the success of this great organization.

Let me also thank you all very much for what you have been doing for the past one year since you launched this organization.

I must say I admire this organization because in the 12 months since the inception of this great organization,  YOU guys were able to secure your tax 501c status which shows strong leadership. These are things that take others years to accomplish, but with strong leadership, you were able to do so within a year which should make all proud of the accomplishments the organization.

I want to also dwell a little bit on the accomplishment of the organization.

Within twelve months this organization has made a significant impact in our Madingo community both here in the state of Texas and back in our home countries especially, Sierra Leone.

Last year when Freetown suffered the catastrophic mudslides in which hundreds of people lost their lives and properties,  and many families became displaced because of the landslides, this organization stepped up and made significant contributions to help the communities that were afflicted by the killer mudslides.

The Union did not stop at that help only but continued to provide much-needed school supplies to vulnerable children and adolescents to help them in their educational pursuits.

I also applaud the organization for working with other organizations, such as  Aslot to which organization this charitable organization was able to donate educational materials.

All these efforts by your leaders and members show the true meaning of Sabu-nyumar.

Tonight I come with one message and that message is the importance of nonprofit organizations in our communities and our home countries.

I  am here to say and stress that it is imperative for us to have nonprofit organizations in our communities, and to affirm to you that we should make them an essential component in our communities.

I cannot emphasize the essential role non-profits have made to our people and our communities. In my words, however eloquent,  cannot capture the importance and tremendous work done by these organizations especially Sabu-Nyumah in our community here in this State.

Non-profits are valuable because of the useful programs they provide to local communities, and they are also valuable because of the positive impact they have had everywhere and within local communities.

To me, that is why it is vital for us to organize and join non-profits so that we can extend the hand of help to the less fortunate in our local communities as well as back home in our beloved countries.

We have to be selfless, willing and able to make a difference in the lives of our people and Sabu-Nyumah as an organization has done that as I previously stated.

I  am saying we must value these organizations primarily because of their critical work in helping the vulnerable and less fortunate in our societies and Sabu-Nyumah has done that, and I believe with the help of its members will continue to do so.

This great organization, in my candid opinion, and I know for sure, firmly believes in promoting unity and cooperation among we Mandingos in the Diaspora and back home for our people to be successful.

The spirit of this organization and its objectives is to promote the Mandingo culture both here in the states and back home and to educate our children about our culture to value it and also to help each other,  cry together in sadness and to be happy together in happiness as one big family.

The spirit of this organization and its objectives is to promote the Mandingo culture both here in the states and back home and to educate our children about our culture to value it and also to help each other,  cry together in sadness and to be happy together in happiness as one big family.

I  am therefore asking all those who are NOT part of this organization to join and become part of it.  Don’t be a bystander, be a doer and make a positive difference in the lives of the vulnerable your community.

Thank you all for indulging me, and before I  leave this stage,  I would like to thank  Mr. Sorie Tejan,  Madam Vice Chair, Mama Kabba,  Mr. Salankoli, and Madam Mansaray for your strong leadership. Thanks also to the organizers for making this occasion a huge success.