Sierra Leone Football Association President Says Female Football Will Bring More Recognition to the Country

As Sierra Leone celebrates Women’s History Month, Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President Thomas Daddy Brima has revealed that female football has brought more recognition to the Association and the country at large.

In an interview with the press at Atlantic Lumley Hotel on Thursday, March 2nd, Brima expressed his gratitude to the Female Premier League (FPL) Board for their collaboration with the SLFA, leading to a successful implementation of the league. He also disclosed that the FIFA President Gianni Infantino was very impressed with the SLFA for introducing the maiden female football league in the country.

According to Brima, “My administration has put the requisite football structures in place for female football, youth and Sierra Leone Premier League to play in the country. We have utilized the FIFA fund judiciously to commence the female football league.”

Brima added that the FIFA President is committed to supporting underdeveloped countries to match up with developed countries in putting proper football infrastructure in place for football to develop globally. He also spoke about his strides to promote football in the country, specifically female football, so that Sierra Leone can continue to receive global attention in the sport.

The SLFA President acknowledged that he inherited several challenges, ranging from complaints of female sexual harassment to complaints of referees. He pledged to investigate those allegations to find their root causes and proffer lasting solutions. He added that he has been able to stabilize the FA, which used to be in turmoil, and that football leagues of all categories are currently playing in the country.

As Sierra Leone seeks to create more recognition in football, the SLFA President has urged the country to support female football to ensure its growth and development.