Ungrateful Youth in Lungi Riot After President Bio Brings Airport Development

Ungrateful Youth at Lungi Went On the Rampage after President Bio Brought Airport Development to their Doorstep.

Tologondoe Saagba

It’s unbelievable how ungrateful and backward the youth in Lungi have shown themselves to be, especially after President Bio brought an ultra-modern airport to their town. Moments after the President left, riot rousing boys went on a rampage, setting fires and impeding vehicle traffic. They even surrounded and almost attacked soldiers who were part of the Presidential entourage.

It’s a shame that these ungrateful and pathetic individuals would react this way after receiving such a significant development in their town. It’s clear that they don’t understand the value of progress and modernization. Perhaps, they would have understood better if the airport had been moved to Mamama, and Lungi was reduced to a poor fishing village.

It’s shocking that these youth would exhibit such hatred for modern development and progress. It’s disappointing that they cut and steal electric wires, destroy transformers, and burn down electric poles, school buses, houses, cars, and other property that contributes to better living standards. This is not the kind of future we want for our youth.

We must pray for divine intervention to save these lost souls. It’s no wonder that many people refer to APC supporters as enemies of progress. An attack on the airport would have caused us to question the President’s decision to bring development to Port Loko. There are many other districts that would have welcomed such progress, which brings jobs and raises the standards of living.

In conclusion, let us focus on progress and development rather than destruction and chaos. It’s time for the youth in Lungi to embrace modernization and progress. We hope that they will come to their senses and see the value of the airport development in their town.