Chairman, fellow SLPP members, Executive members, Ladies, and Gentlemen, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the Great Washington Chapter Inauguration.

Your presence here tonight is not by any mistake. Please permit me to present a panoramic view of my chapter and its qualities. As you may know, Washington has been and will continue to be the dominant force of SLPP in the North America Region.

The Washington DC Metro Chapter is the mother chapter of SLPP and is blessed to have prominent SLPPNA executive members. The Chapter actively participates in all party activities in this region.  The current SLPPNA Chairman, along with the Regional Women’s leader and deputy, Financial Secretary and Treasurer, Chief Electoral Commissioner, Regional Imam all reside in the Washington Metro Chapter.

The presence of these regional leaders is the strength of the SLPP Washington Metro Chapter.


My administration is on a significant mobilization drive. Our current group stands at  250 members with 173 active members. Our monthly chapter meetings reflect this increased and committed team. On average, we have between 35-40 members in most of our meetings.

More people are attracted to our chapter because of their belief in the “one country; one people” doctrine of the party and the social flavor we add to our monthly meetings.  Our social component recognizes birthday celebrants and, the Chapter member of the month with certificates and other gifts.


The Washington DC Chapter is and will continue to be the leading contributor to the finances of SLPP in the North America Region. Our current budget at chapter level is on the rise amidst the current political upheavals. The chapter financial contributions have gone a long way to strengthen the finances of the North America region.


Washington Metro DC Chapter has the Numerical strength of 16 delegate representatives with two alternates. That empowers us as a chapter to determine the SLPP activities in North America. There is power in the voice of the masses.


As a mother chapter, we have acknowledged our role in supporting our sister chapters in times of difficulties and happiness. In 2014, Washington held the most successful convention in the region amassing a lot of money for the Regional group. Regarding problem resolution, Washington is always there for all.

SLPP Washington, DC Metro Chapter is known for its commitment to provide support and entrench peace and unity in our North America. Last year, the Washington DC Chapter took the responsibility to host the SLPPNA inauguration in the shortest notification time putting the Chapter inauguration on hold.

That is what we are as a chapter, and here we are today.


SLPP Washington DC Chapter recognizes the role of women in the current political dispensation. We realize benefits of democracy by creating an enabling ground for women to serve out party at this Chapter level. Let me take this extraordinary opportunity to acknowledge my Vice Chair, the iron lady of Washington DC Chapter, Mrs.Dausy Wurie,  Secretary-General, Ms.Namisa Kramer,  Organizing Secretary, Mrs. Timbo, Chaplain, Ms. Francess Kallaon and, many positions for women.

These women are everything to us as a chapter. Our hope is that fellow chapter leaders can follow our footstep. Most of the executive positions are occupied by women and am very grateful for the zest demonstrated by these noble women.


Washington has served as a gateway for 90 percent of our current and former leaders of the party to seek our blessing before reaching out to other chapters. For those who don’t know, underrating the strength of Washington will be a misnomer in any political and other activities in this region. Washington has made it in the past and will work towards accommodating national executive members in grand style after winning in 2018.


-Flag bearer infighting is a major crippling issue on the Party at both National and Regional levels – even here in the Diaspora.

-a breakaway of some party members from SLPP due to personal matters

-The resistance of some members to pay their monthly dues and participate in chapter activities all tied up to flag bearer allegiance.

-Ambivalence nature of some party members as they want to serve two parties at the same time.

-Malicious propaganda against the flag bearer due to personal issues.


Believe in the values of the SLPP!

Stay and fight the course to state house come 2018.

Avoid distracters and continue promoting the values of our beloved SLPP party.

Support the party flag bearer onto state house come 2018.

Conclusively, I want to take this unique responsibility to recognize my executive members. I am proud of you all and will encourage each and everyone to keep our hands on the wheel.

Let me recognize the following people:

Vice Chair, Mrs. Dausy  Wurie

Women’s leader, Ms. Bettey  Brewa

Assistance, Ms. Isata Gboya  Kamara

Secretary-General, Ms. Namisa  Kramer

Assistance Secretary-General, Mr. Simeon  Tarawally

Organizing Secretary, Mrs. Isatu Timbo

Publicity Secretary, Mr. Mohamed  Daboh

Young Generation  leader, Mr. Julius Aruna  Jr,

Young Generation Secretary, Mr. Simeon Masuba

Financial Secretary, Mr. Sulaiman  Sannoh

Treasurer, Mr. Foday Coomber

Chapter Imam, Mr. Ahmed Khalifa Swaray

Council of elders:

Mr. Dominic  Puawui

Mrs. Musu Mustapha,

Mr. Cillaty Daboh,

Ms. Rose Marie Morkeh Yampson

The Electoral Commissioners :

Mr. Dausy Wurie,  Chairman

Secretary, Mr. Charles Vanja

Additionally, I take my hat off to my most beautiful wife, Mrs. Angela Sheriff. She has been there for me at all times.

Thanks and God Bless SLPP in the spirit of One Country, One People.

Editor’s Comment:  More reporting and perspectives from the SLPP Washington, DC  inaugural event are forthcoming.