Think Life Does Not Offer People Second Chances? Think Maada Bio!

Maada Bio left power under controversial circumstances and moved on to greener pastures. After several years, he came back, ran for the SLPP flagbearer position and lost to Solomon Berewa.

Against 20 or more personalities, Bio fought his way up to lead the SLPP to the 2012 elections. But he lost the national elections to Ernest Koroma.

Many people wrote him off, that he lacks the gravitas and ability to win a national election. We were wrong. Damn wrong! And today, he has become the Head of State of Sierra Leone.

What a story! What a remarkable turnaround of events.

If you think that life is unfair to you and you’ve got no chance to make it, think Bio.

If many people – including those around you – think that you’re unfit for a certain position, think Bio.

People will always say bad things about you. They’ll bring you down. Make you feel not worthy of purpose. Question your ability. And even challenge your existence.

Draw inspiration from Bio – a man who has been vilified, demonized, written off and in some cases scapegoated for all the sins this country ( Sierra Leone) has committed.

If you think life does not offer people second chances, think Maada Bio.

Your own second chance might be on the way.

Don’t listen to the noise of the crowd. Believe in your ability to make it. And at this moment, you can look through the story of a leader whose rise to the top may be akin to the struggles you’re going through.

That’s life. And that’s Maada Bio for me.

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