APC Panics As SLPP Gains Huge Support In Khamalo

Khamalo, Sanda Loko Chiefdom, Karene District, Northern Province: It is all the big talk and fake popularity of the failed APC.  They rent counterfeit crowds to show they are loved when the people can’t wait to vote them out come March 7, 2018.

We are now seeing them panic over the reality that exists as Brig. Gen (rtd) Julius Maada Bio will soon be voted in as the next president of Sierra Leone!

The APC strategists really messed up as they revealed how incompetent they are in attempting to hang on to power even though the people have rejected them already.

 Let’s analyze this foolishness as APC disgraces itself in a plot to paint a peaceful SLPP that is soon to take over power in Sierra Leone as violent when in fact it’s the failed APC that is acting violently against the peaceful SLPP in the hometown of the failed APC’s Aspirant, Samura Kamara.

SLPP Presidential Aspirant, Brig. Gen (rtd) Julius Maada Bio has been touring Sierra Leone for a couple of months now, and no incident of violence had occurred except when he went to Khamalo this time around on campaign.  The previous time he went, the people of Khamalo loved him.

Constituency 065 Khamalo, Karene District in the northwest part of the country APC thugs attacked the SLPP campaign team including Julius Maada Bio, the SLPP presidential candidate.

Many were injured by the thugs while windshields of vehicles were smashed including the vehicles of Foday Sadiku Kallon and Julius Maada Bio who narrowly escaped the brutal and premeditated attack!

The Parliamentary Aspirant Foday Sadiku Kallon, the District Young Generation Leader Ahmidu S Bah and two vehicles of SLPP members from Kamakwei that wherein Kamalo are heading for Makeni this night because of the road leading to Kamakwei barricaded by the APC thugs.

The house of the Constituency Young Generation Leader who is also the Aspirant for Ward 220, Abu Bakarr Bundu was looted, he and his family including his pregnant wife have taken refuge in the bush somewhere. The Constituency Chairman Mr. Mohamed Samakarr Turay’s Constituency Motor Bike was set on fire.

The police should take punitive action NOW.

Sorie I Fofana, Regional Secretary North

Maada Bio has a lot to gain in a peaceful Khamalo as his last fantastic visit show the people welcomed him with open arms and they showered him with love.

That visit did not sit well with the failed APC since it is the hometown of their Presidential aspirant, so they became jealous, and they ambushed Maada Bio this time around but thank GOD he escaped unharmed.

Maada Bio was accompanied by official Sierra Leone police personnel so if the fake lies by the APC who is now in panic mode was true then let them have these police personnel make a report and give details of the attacks against APC who actually performed the attack on SLPP.

Why would Maada Bio attack and injure police personnel and supporters if the police were there for his protection, especially if he is trying to gain the hearts and minds of the people of Khamalo who showed him love the last time he always at Khamalo?

 The APC plot to cause trouble so they can evoke a state of emergency so that they can rig the election is being revealed slowly as they can’t help themselves but to attack SLPP presidential candidate and then lie that the the SLPP who needed a calm atmosphere to campaign and win the hearts and minds of the people is instead being foolishly violent. APC your lie seems so stupid that I’m not sure who thought this will work.

APC, state of emergency no state of emergency, we the people have rejected you already because you’ve failed miserably so to attack SLPP in Khamalo then lie that you were attacked in Khamalo is foolish and stupid. Una think small bo. These foolish decisions is why Sierra Leone has rejected APC.


Everyone In no One Out; Everyone Up, no One Down!