BATHURST Township electrified after 204 YEARS

…as Alhaji Kanja Sesay delivers!


It was not so long ago the President declared the 2020 year as the year of delivery, and in the midst of negative propaganda promoted by some in the diaspora against the country comes one of the best news and excellent Public Relations for the Bio Led Government since it assumed power in 2018.

Yesterday the 2nd September 2020, Umaru Fofanah reported from an emotionally delighted and excited community, Bathurst, on the outskirts of Freetown, as the Minister of Energy lit up the newly installed 1000 KVA TRANSFORMER, allowing for electricity for the first time since 1816, when Bathurst was established for freed Slaves brought into Sierra Leone.

At times we take things for granted and ignore the plight of our people and the punishment we subject them to. How could we all have ignored a community of significant history, to go 204 years, without electricity? Even the colonial masters ignored them it appears.

It is inhumane.

This is what makes the efforts of the Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, his Deputy Dr. Taylor, his Permanent Secretary Mr. Gbetua, and his dedicated team players in the Ministry of Energy, at the Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA), and the Energy Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC), very commendable and worthy of praises. Their action is Godly, so very considerate and a show of their will to deliver electricity to every community in the country.

This is not the only achievement of the Minister and his team. Recently Fourah Bay Community benefitted from a new transformer to support the expanding demands in that other historic community that houses the famous Cottage Hospital.

There are substations being built all around Freetown to improve on power supply and revenue generation. In Bo and Kenema a transmission and distribution network is funded by the AfDB and is in progress, which will provide the two very important cities a brand new network.

The West African Power Pool should start supplying in early 2021 which will help reduce the cost of electricity and less dependency on diesel operated power plants from Independent Power Providers.

And just recently I wrote about the introduction and re-introduction of power supply to new districts. Seven townships will benefit from new connections, namely, Moyamba, Mattru, Bonthe, Pujehun, Kailahun, Kambia and Kabala.

It is these expansions and provisions of essential services that will help improve the development in communities and allow for investment and consequent job creation. No matter which interests we have politically, these are all excellent development projects that will benefit everyone, not just a few.

With all praises there should be caution. Expansion of energy is brilliant and welcomed, but for some provincial expansion comes the pressure of subsidising the power supply if affordable power is not provided.

It is therefore imperative that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy start planning how the supply of power will be sustained and funded.

Congratulations Bathurst; well done Papa Government!

I am a friend, not a foe! I mean well!
7.45 am