Collector Seeks Autograph from Sierra Leone’s Former Foreign Affairs Minister

Alhaji Momodu KoromaAlhaji Momodu Koroma

Jan Syvertsen, a 56-year-old collector of autographs from Kristiansand, Norway, has written to His Excellency the Honourable Mr. Alhaji Momodu Koroma, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone and a member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), seeking an autograph to add to his collection.

Mr. Syvertsen is a dedicated collector of autographs from current and former state leaders, royal family members, presidents, prime ministers, and ministers of foreign affairs. He has collected almost 4,500 autographs from leaders in 187 countries over the last 40 years. He is the president of the World Leader Autograph Society (WLAS), which aims to promote friendship among nations through the collection of autographs from world leaders.

Mr. Syvertsen has already received three autographs from high-level dignitaries from Sierra Leone but has yet to receive a response from Mr. Koroma. He is hoping that the former Minister of Foreign Affairs will find time to sign an autograph for him, either on a photo he has provided or on an official photo, card, or letter.

As a collector, Mr. Syvertsen is only interested in original hand-signed autographs and not stamped or autopenned signatures. He is grateful for the work of politicians and the impact they have on the world, and he believes that autographs are a way to connect with history and learn more about different countries.

In his letter, Mr. Syvertsen expresses his appreciation for the work of Mr. Koroma and the passion he has for his country and its inhabitants. He also wishes the former Minister of Foreign Affairs success in the future and extends his best wishes to him and his family.

SLPP Today Online Newspaper hopes to help Mr. Syvertsen in his quest to complete his collection by forwarding his letter to Mr. Koroma. We hope that our readers will join us in supporting this collector’s passion for autographs and history.

Please, I hope someone will be kind and willing to forward this email to His Excellency?

Ahalji Momodu Koroma

I hope this email found you well?

Your Excellency, The Honourable Mr.  Ahalji Momodu Koroma                                                                              Date 02.02.2023      

Member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone

Dear Your Excellency,

I would appreciate it very much if you could find time to read my personal letter to you.  

My name is Jan Syvertsen. I am 56 years old and I live in Kristiansand, a city on the south coast of Norway.  I am a very serious collector of autographs, and that has been my very passionate and exciting hobby since 1980, so three years ago, I celebrated my 40th Anniversary of collecting.  

I have always been very interested in history, geography and foreign politics, and that is why my collection only holds authentic original handwritten autographs of current and former State Leaders like, Royal Family Members, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and other important dignitaries and ministers. After all these years I have collected almost 4500 autographs, thanks to many kindly and generous world leaders in 187 countries so far.

The reason why Politicians are very important to me is because your work is so important for the whole world society and for all of us. I would like to send you a big thank you for the work you do and have done and for the passion you have for your country and your inhabitants. I wish you great success in the future.


I am the President of WLAS ( World Leader Autograph Society) This is an international society of collectors. We also work for friendship among nations. We have 30 members from 14 countries. Please, visit our website through the link and you will find my personal profile and some pictures from my collection and World Leaders that I have met in person under the members area:

Here you can see who I have from your country:

The password to do that is wlas999.  The Links are safe and pose no danger.  We also have nice support from high level politicians on our website.

So far, I have received only 3 answers and autographs from high level dignitaries from politics in Sierra Leone. I have tried to reach you before with a letter and emails, but I do not know if you have received my requests.  


I would be very honoured to add your autograph also to my Sierra Leone section of my world leader history collection. I ask for your generosity and I hope it is possible for me to ask for an original hand-signed autograph on the attached photo and that you can print it and cut or bend it and send it to my home address in Norway, after you have signed it for me. If you have an official photo, card or letter that you would rather prefer to use, it is also very good for me. A dedication would also be wonderful if possible. I know you are probably very busy, but I hope you can find time to answer me? 🙂 It is hard to explain in words how much this hobby means to me. I really love to work with autographs and it would mean a lot to me. I do not collect stamped or autopenned signatures.

It would make me very happy  to increase my signature collection of dignitaries from Sierra Leone and to learn more about the history of your country. Each autograph that I receive means very much to me. Please, contact me If you have any questions.


I would be very grateful and hopeful to hear from you again. 

My very best wishes to you and to your family.

Best regards from: 

Mr. Jan Syvertsen

PO Box 5560 Voiebyen

4677 Kristiansand