Ernest Bai Koroma Ready to Slaughter Sierra Leoneans 

Ernest Bai Koroma is Ready to Slaughter Sierra Leoneans in His Pursuit of Supremacy.  This is very disturbing and stomach-turning to watch as it unfolds. Ernest Bai Koroma, despite the advice of regional and world leaders, is not ready to bow out peacefully from office.

All signs point to a grudging and rancorous Head of State, who is prepared to use colossal force to subvert the democratic rights of citizens and superimpose his treacherous will upon the nation.

Unless there is outside force to neutralize Ernest Bai Koroma, thousands of Sierra Leoneans are about to lose their lives.

Behind what?

Behind Ernest Bai Koroma’s determination to be in the political limelight of the nation by exerting himself as the supreme leader of the Lion Mountain.

In short, behind Koroma’s quest for supremacy.

Recent activities of Koroma indicates this is his ultimate ambition. He believes also, that no one can stop him. There is nothing about his current actions that suggest he has practically a few more days in office. Instead of governing the past five years, he was busy admiring his own reflection on the estuaries of River Rokel.

With days to go when he should be wrapping up his presidency, he is busy delicately campaigning to linger around as the puppet master of Samura and Chericoco.

Again, the change of leadership within the military and police was not by coincidence. The commissioning of new military officers and later police officers was by intentional APC design.

The recent Armed Forces Parade was premeditated.

The commissioning of the 100 plus ambulances, drivers, and paramedics, (if true) is gravely disturbing.

Think Sierra Leoneans.

In ten years, he has never commissioned so many ambulances. Even during Ebola, ambulances were donated by foreign governments. With less than two-weeks before Elections, authorizing the use of such a huge fleet of medical vehicles is a sign of only one thing-Preparation for massive bloodshed. Yes, you heard me-Koroma’s readiness to use extreme force for his handpicked candidate to be elected thereby make room for his supreme leadership of Sierra Leone.

No! It is not his farewell gift to the people of the nation. It is his psychological readiness to transport those who will still be alive but seriously injured after the APC bloodbath massacre ordered by him.

I hope I am wrong, but I also pray that the police and army for once would refuse his orders to massacre their own people.

Why offer this prayer?

The Siaka Steven PlayBook Has No Place In Sierra Leone

The Siaka Steven Play Book Has No Place In Sierra Leone

The President is by no means calming the fears of an anxious nation but fueling conflict. The president is not making the appropriate moves to leave office but ingraining himself as the almighty god of Sierra Leone. The president does not care about preventing the loss of lives. He has seen Ebola come and go. He has lived through Mudslide. There are so many wrongs including assassinations that have been done under his watch.

The helpless people could do nothing.

He has literally gotten away with crimes against humanity. His thirst for blood and craving for supremacy has never been seriously threatened.

Now that it is, his final resolve would be the use of excessive force to get his way.

This is sickening. I mean really disgusting, appalling, nauseating and shocking.

Unless there is divine intervention from now until he leaves office, bloodshed, and loss of life loom over Sierra Leone.  Excluding stern measures from the international community, Ernest Bai Koroma will order the use of extreme force to hold on to power.

This is where the rubber meets the road: -The orders to ban unauthorized vehicles and restrict movement on election day is meant to stir trouble, “disenfranchise” voters and tamper with the ballot boxes. Barring this Tolongbo election-rigging scheme, defeat is pending for the APC.

To ensure that all the above happens, force is desirable.

Lives will be lost and many will be injured. The intention is for civil unrest to spread across the nation like APC wildfire. Ernest Bai Koroma’s action is well-calculated and measured toward this goal. At this point, democracy is not his priority.

Becoming the supreme leader is all that matters to him.

May God defend Sierra Leoneans against this belligerent tyrant.

Culled from WhatsApp by Kobba Yusufu of the Sierra Leone People’s Party(SLPP)