Ernest Koroma Is A National Security Threat!

Former President Ernest Bai Koroma is a threat to the All Peoples Congress (APC)’s internal politics and, the security of Sierra Leone. The incidents of lawlessness in Makeni speak volumes.

The hope of APC bouncing back keeps dwindling day by day as Ernest Bai Koroma and few continue to lay siege on the APC internal politics. As it stands, our beloved party is run by only four people in the person of Adebayor, Ernest Bai Koroma, Yansanneh and Minkailu Bah. Anybody who proves to be opposed to these four either dies by gruesome road accident or some sudden death. And in all the death, the “forever chairman” does not pay last respect.

The recent Makeni incident puts us in a very messy position which explicitly dictates that our party needs new faces at the helm and new ideas for the party to triumph perhaps in 2028. What was the riot in Makeni all about? All could have been diverted if Ernest was not stubborn to let EDSA relocate their generator.

After the stakeholders’ meeting conveyed by EDSA for prominent people and institutions in Makeni, the mayor, as usual briefed the APC hierarchy. Accordingly, an emergency meeting was conveyed for the party to give a position. To the surprise of all that were present, Yansanneh towed the line of Life Chairman and Leader to stop EDSA from relocating their own machine.

Minkailu Mansaray, the mayor and others held different views but for fear of an untimely death, nobody dared to challenge our chairman’s position.

The Momoh Konteh case is a typical show of how phobic we are becoming in the APC leaving it to Adebayor, Yansanneh, Minkalu Mansaray and their godfather Ernest Bai Koroma to run.

Minkailu was not happy about remarks chairman and leader made about Momoh Konteh’s death but was restrained by others not to comment.

Is this how we want to face the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in 2023?

The instruction given by EBK for the youths to stop EDSA from relocating a standby generator to a sister town where it could be economically used is the worst not only for the loss of human lives but for pinning Makeni against Port Loko.

In that meeting, one Ibrahim Kargbo, a native of Lokomassama, was very embarrassed that even when APC get huge votes from Port Loko district, EBK could be against sparing Lungi an unused generator from Makeni.

Kargbo reminded the chairman and leader that relocation of EDSA generators is not unprecedented and cannot see Bo refusing to let go unused generator to Kenema but if Makeni is refusing to give a generator that they are not using to Lungi, then a clear message has been sent to Port Loko and they will know how to vote in the next elections.

At this point, Ibrahim was sent out of the meeting and had to be taken away by EBK’s incited boys.

Ernest and Yasanneh deliberately misinformed the Makeni youths that the generator was bought by Ernest Bai Koroma for Makeni but the SLPP government intends to give it away to South-East. This misinformation was purposeful and attracted the desired result as was planned. They planned to infuriate the innocent youths so that they will cause mayhem on people Yasanneh and his boss had identified.

What had the SLPP office to do with the whole saga? Why was their party office and supporters targeted?

If Ernest was on his right mind, he would have readily let go of the generator to Lungi. What is the meaning of BKPS? Is it not Bo and Kenema cooperating on a power service? Why does Makeni always think selfishly about themselves in the North? Even if Makeni thinks they are the most senior in the North, what is wrong if we show magnanimity to others? If we continue to divide our votes, there is no way we can hope to beat SLPP in 2023 or even 2028.

SLPP continues to make meaningful inroads in our perceived strongholds whilst Ernest Bai Koroma and his Adebayoh continue to drive away from us our few supporters in the South and East.

How can SLPP be well represented at the funeral ceremony of Momoh Konteh whilst Ernest Bai Koroma was conspicuously absent? What do we want to show the people of Kabala?

The incitement of youth violence is the wrong path Ernest Bai Koroma is taking, which is the reason why most of us have not been in a romance with the vision of Ernest Bai Koroma.

Unfortunately, Ernest himself never won any elections genuinely. In 2007, the election was not won like in 2012 so what do we think Ernest can add to us?

If we still believe Ernest’s violent path is the only means to bring back our party to power, we will continue to lose innocent lives.

Note from the publisher: The story By Santigie Kanu is culled from WhatsApp. We are publishing it because the author makes sense.