Kemoh Sesay Of APC Justifies 2008 Cocaine Deal

Kemoh Sesay, the disgraced former Transportation and Aviation Minister from Port Loko during the first term of Ernest Bai Koroma, later, Political Affairs Minister and, currently, the Minister of Works, says he needs more time in office to steal from the people of Sierra Leone. Kemoh Sesay says he is not in politics to go to Heaven.  That is why he prays five times a day and pays his zakat.

Every politician has a right to be ambitious.  But equally so, you have the right to be cautiously ambitious.  If someone is not conscious, it is not our responsibility to cure them.  Leave them to lose their job (laughter).” – Kemoh Sesay

Kemoh Sesay Talking To APC Supporters In UK

Kemoh Sesay Talking To APC Supporters In UK

The Minister, whose full name is Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay, is currently the Minister of Works, a recent appointment he alludes to in the video clip.

In the video clip, that is making the social media rounds, Kemoh Sesay is speaking to a receptive audience of APC supporters in the UK.

The distinct part of the video clip starts with the disgraced, corrupt Minister stating his political belief with a warning to the APC, UK branch:

“Let’s fold our sleeves before the Party splits.  I am not condemning anyone that came here today.  Every politician has a right to be ambitious.  But equally so, you have the right to be cautiously ambitious.  If someone is not conscious, it is not our responsibility to cure them.  Leave them to lose their job.”

“I am telling you (more laughter).  We have a Leader; we have a President and, we have a Chairman.  There is no vacuum.  In fact, am looking for more years to go.  I am not even interested in this thing they are talking.  I am not telling you a lie; we are going to be in governance for a long time.”

In Krio, Kemoh Sesay says, “Some of we nor sidom fine yate oh (more laughter), meaning, “Some of us have not completely settled down (in our new positions) yet.”

“I am telling you.  I was in governance in 2007.  I became Minister of Transport and Aviation.  2008 came and cocaine case cam.  It took about one year and six months with the cocaine case.  I was not a Minister again.  After that, I had a stroke.  You must have heard about it.  I had a stroke out of stress.  As I talk to you now, my pressure is 120/80.  I have no cholesterol.  I have no sugar.  So my stroke happened because of the stress of the court case.”

Kemoh Sesay says in the video clip that he went to France for medical treatment.  Upon his return, he got an appointment as Minister of Political Affairs.  According to what he says in the video clip, there is nothing, meaning no opportunity to steal money, in the political affairs ministry.  He says this in Krio to much more laughter that, “nothing there [to take] only to arbitrate cases.”

“Now Mi Na Minista of Works, Boh Una wait Fors” meaning, “now that I am the Minister of Works, give me some time [to accrue my share of wealth].

With this outrageous statement, the audience is heard going berserk with laughter and, someone saying, “I love this guy” and together, the audience evoked their APC Party slogan, “Or Waii Ore Sai.”  Kemoh Sesay’s remarks were met with laughter and applause.  Hard to believe and, this was an audience of Sierra Leoneans in the UK!

Kemoh Sesay and the APC are Resolved to Using Violence to Stay in Power. 

On July 13, 2008, there was a cocaine bust at Lungi Airport while Kemoh Sesay was the Minister of Transport and Aviation.  The fallout from the case cost Kemoh Sesay his job and, the stress led to a stroke that nearly cost him his life.

According to reports, “Kemoh Sesay was relieved of his duties August 4, pending the conclusion of the cocaine trafficking investigation. Sesay has vehemently proclaimed his innocence since the bust, despite a close family connection to one of the accused.”

The report further state that, Kemoh “Sesay was questioned by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) August 5, but the SLP had orders from the President to neither charge nor detained him.”

The outcome of the investigation “runs counter to Koroma’s public and private statements which have said he will hold anyone connected to the cocaine bust accountable, regardless of their connections.”

It is this same Kemoh Sesay, now Minister Of Works, justifying rather shamelessly, why APC must continue to rule Sierra Leone.

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