Law And Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards


2015 – LL.M International Dispute Resolution from the University of London- Merit – 4 COURSES 16 MODULES viz.

  1. International Investment Law
    i) Evolution of the Law of Foreign investment
    ii) International efforts to regulate Foreign investment
    iii) Regulation under Bilateral and Regional Investment Treaties
    iv) The case law of the treatment of Foreign investment
  2. Regulation and Infrastructure of International Commercial Arbitration
    i) Regulation and Infrastructure of Arbitration
    ii) Arbitration Agreement
    iii) Arbitration Tribunal
    iv) Investment and Specialist Arbitrations
  3. Applicable laws and procedures in International Commercial Arbitration
    i) Applicable law issues in Arbitration
    ii) Procedure and evidence in Arbitration
    iii) Jurisdictional issues in Arbitration
    iv) Award –form, content, challenge and enforcement
  4. International Law of the Sea
    i) Evolution of the Law of the Sea
    ii) Baselines, the Territorial Sea and Contiguous zone
    iii) Exclusive Economic Zone and The Continental Shelf
    iv) The High Seas, the Deep Sea Bed and Dispute Resolution

2014 – MCIArb – Member Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

He is knowledgeable and familiar with several National Arbitration Laws inclusive of UNCITRAL MODEL LAW in International Commercial Arbitration as amended by UNCTAD on the 7th of July 2006; OHADA Uniform Act on Arbitration 1999; English Arbitration Act 1996, the Sierra Leone Arbitration Act CAP 25 LAWS of SIERRA LEONE 1960- formerly the English Arbitration Act 1889 and many more.

He is knowledgeable and familiar with several Rules of Arbitration inclusive of ICC Rules 2012 and its New rules effective 1st March 2017 dealing with an amended expedited procedure, reduced time limit for issuing terms of reference, increased filing fees for filing a request for arbitration etc; the LCIA Rules, the UNCITRAL RULES OF ARBITRATION for Adhoc International Commercial Arbitrations and many more;

He is knowledgeable and familiar with the Washington ICSID CONVENTION of 1965 and the 2006 ICSID Rules for Settlement of Investment Disputes between State Parties and foreign investors; and Non-State parties to the Convention with foreign investors pursuant to the 1978 Additional Facility ;

2013 – MBA – Master in Business Administration from IPAM University of Sierra Leone. DISSERTATION on Corporate Governance in Banks

1990 – B. L – Barrister at Law Sierra Leone Law School.
Winner of the 1st Criminal Procedure Prize Sierra Leone Law School – 1990 Class.

1989 – LL.B. Hons. (USL)
DISSERTATION: “Law Reform in Sierra Leone – A Special Case Study on the Law of Larceny”


Certificate on Judicial Case Management from the Judicial and Legal Training Institute (JLTI) in July 2017

Certificate on Judicial Training of trainers on the Judicial Training Curricular for the Judicial and Legal Training Institute (JLTI) in April 2017.

Member of Committee tasked with reforming the Fast Track Commercial Court Rules of Sierra Leone – Committee set up and completed its work in 2017.

Member/Vice Chairman of the Committee set up by the Law Reform Commission of Sierra Leone to reform the Sierra Leone Arbitration Act Cap 25 of the Laws of Sierra Leone – work nearing completion;

Appointment as a Judge of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone(RSCSL) on the 28th of November 2016 to date

Mediator in pre-trial Mediation/Settlement in Fast Track Commercial Court of Sierra Leone conducting facilitative and evaluative mediation and preventing Litigation if possible 2015-2017

He has been involved in Court Interventions through supervisory jurisdiction & supportive measures re-Arbitration on a pre-arbitration basis regarding, Constitution of tribunals more in Domestic arbitrations, granting of interim measures and stay of proceedings; during the pendency of arbitration proceedings-by the granting of interim measures to preserve property and post arbitration- re the granting of orders enforcing awards under domestic arbitration.

He has been Guest Lecturer in Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone on Arbitration to students taking Arbitration as an elective.

2015 – date – Justice Court of Appeal Sierra Leone;

2014- Nov 2015- Resident High Court Judge Southern Province and Chairman
of the Local Courts Service Committee. Primarily sits also as Chairman of the Local Courts Division of the High Court with 2 assessors hearing Appeals from the District Appeal Court on customary matters. Also the Judge on Circuit/special sessions to MOYAMBA and other Districts as directed by the CJ.

2011- 2015 – High Court Judge in charge of Civil and Criminal matters.

2011 Nov- Jan 2012 Consultant for the production of UNDP Hand Book on commencing Legal action and accessing Legal services- the Road to Justice Part 11.

2011 – Lecturer: Sierra Leone Legal System at LICSSAL Business College, affiliate of IPAM University of Sierra Leone.

2009 – In July 2009 participated in 2nd Seminar organized by GIABA (the Inter-Governmental Action Group against Money Laundering in West Africa) for Judges in English Speaking West Africa on combating Economic Crimes such as Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Securities fraud.

2008 – Lecturer in the Law of Contract at the Sierra Leone Law School for students with LLB degrees without honours in pursuit of being Legal Executives.

2008 – Contributed in reforming Sierra Leone Intellectual Property Rights Regime by participating in the National Stakeholders Validation Workshop on the draft Copyright Bill now Copyrights Act, Trademarks and Industrial Designs Bills.

2007 – In November 2007 – Training on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights from the American University Washington College of Law Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law Clinic in conjunction with the Ministry of Trade and Industry through Video Conferencing – attained Certificate 2007.

In June 2007 – Training on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights from the United States Patents and Trade Marks Office in conjunction with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) in the Global Intellectual Property Academy Sessions 2007.

In February 2007 -2009 appointed the then Judge of the Commercial and Admiralty Division of the High Court of Sierra Leone. This Division was charged with the hearing and determination of the all commercial and admiralty cases including trade and commerce, contracts, banking, commercial arbitration and other settlement awards; intellectual property rights including patents, copyrights and trademarks; carriage of goods by land, air and admiralty and shipping including: shipping licences; marine insurance; carriage of goods by sea; and collisions at sea; and all other claims of a commercial and admiralty nature involving the enforcement of contract .

2006 – In July 2006 appointed Ex Officio Member, Sierra Leone Bar Association – 2006 Executive

In October 2006 appointed Judge of the High Court of Sierra Leone. Has handled a plethora of cases both criminal and civil from 2006 to date.

2004- In November 2004- September 2006 appointed and served as Head, Litigations Unit, NASSIT. As the first Head of Prosecutions/Litigations for the Trust designed the Procedures and Rules for the Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) and Medical Appeals Tribunal (MAT) and also all forms and precedents for pursuing of non-registered Establishments and arrears defaulters. Advised, prosecuted for and defended the Trust; Work also included holding seminars to reinforce knowledge on the legal frame work of the NASSIT Act No 5 of 2001, enforcing compliance with the NASSIT Act No 5 of 2001 and acting as the Trust Legal representative in the Social Security Appellate Tribunal (SSAT) and Medical Appeals Tribunal.

2004 – Lecturer/Tutor through the Law School in a UNDP Sponsored Training for Bailiffs and Court Clerks: Subjects Taught: Criminal Trials and Role of Clerks and Bailiffs in the Judicial Process.

2003 – Founding fellow of the LRI (Legal Reform Initiative). Was a member of the working group of the LRI involved in formulating amendments to the Criminal Procedure Act No 32 of 1965 in 2004 which has now surfaced as the Criminal Procedure Bill 2015

2003 – Certificate in International Humanitarian Law, Special Court for Sierra Leone.

2001-2004 – Private Practicing Barrister and Solicitor in the Courts of Sierra Leone.

1998- 2001-Town Clerk and Chief Executive City Council of Freetown. As Town Clerk was the Chief Executive and Council’s principal adviser and Secretary to the Council; ensured that appropriate advice on matters of Law was provided to the Council and its Committees and that all the Council’s legal procedures and transactions were carried out to requisite professional standards. As Town Clerk supervised various projects including the Freetown Infrastructure and Rehabilitation projects FIRP.

1995 – Two Months Attachment (Work Experience) as Town Clerk-in-Training, Kingston Upon-Hull City Council, United Kingdom,.

1993 -1994 – Certificate in Local Government Administration, Institute of Public Administration and Management University of Sierra Leone, Participation in seminar on Local Government Administration from GIMPA Ghana and Participation in Regional Seminar on the future of Local Government in West Africa IPAM.

1992 – In May 1992 appointed Town Clerk-in-Training/ Deputy Town Clerk, City Council of Freetown, a position held until 1998.

1992 – Practicing Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone,

1991 – Practicing Pupil Barrister and Solicitor,


  1. Member Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb)
  2. Member of the Commonwealth Judges and Magistrates Association CMJA
  3. Founding Fellow of the Legal Reform Initiative. (LRI)
  4. Licensed Minister of the Gospel


  1. Chairman of the Building Committee of a New Life Ministries International
  2. Church and Church related activities
  3. Justice and development
  4. Watching Sports
  5. Listening to Radio