PMDC Charles Margai Declares For SLPP Maada Bio

PMDC Charles Margai has spoken, and his voice is going far and wide.  At a well-attended meeting with a crossed section of SLPP executives and, the Vice President in Waiting, the great Sierra Leonean Lawyer – one of the most senior in today’s legal circles, has categorically stated his, and, that of his Party’s “support to our mother Party, SLPP.”

With those few words, Lawyer Margai has made it clear that the PMDC and SLPP are in this fight together and therefore must walk side by side to achieve victory on March 27, 2018.

“It’s nice to be back home, and I feel very comfortable in the midst of my ‘Demia (brother-in-law),’ the Prince of all the Princes, the Prince himself, Dr. Prince Harding.“

With the lighthearted remark, Lawyer Margai elicited genuine laughter and applause from the SLPP top guns.  A classic orator of cultural values, Lawyer Margai, laid the groundwork for insightful national introspection and purpose for SLPP and Sierra Leone.

“What is been witnessed here today should remind you, give assurance and comfort to every Sierra Leonean, that we are about to embark on a new dawn of prosperity, not austerity.”

Lawyer Margai went on to explain how and why the PMDC has voted to put its support behind the SLPP.  He carefully explained the process and justification of the outcome.   With a polite salutation, Lawyer Margai addressed the gathering as follows:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, two days ago we met.  Meaning, the National Council of PMDC, which is the second highest decision-making body of the PMDC – to deliberate where our support should lie – and we debated for almost two hours, and the vote was taken as democracy demands, and the result was 22 to 5 in favor of giving our support – undivided support – to the SLPP to redeem us.”

Another round of applause follows as Lawyer Margai continues,

“We are very pleased, Mr. Vice President-in-Waiting, Chairman and leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, that we have made the right choice, and it is not just declaring our support for SLPP but that we are going to walk side by side with you in our quest to achieve [victory] on March 27, 2018.