President Bio Instills Discipline And Not Fear In The Party


By Elkass Sannoh

“If you know you are very popular go and form your own political party,” Ernest Bai Koroma, Chairman of the then ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party whilst addressing his party stakeholders in Makeni ahead of the 2018 national elections. He vowed to also use his position as Commander in Chief to clamp down on his party members who will oppose his leadership. This statement was meant to instil fear autocratically.

“I will not accept any indiscipline in this party as your leader. If you are indiscipline you must leave the party,” His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, the Leader of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) after an overwhelming endorsement in Bo to occupy such position as provided for in the latest SLPP amendment Constitution.

Premised on his disciplined background as a former Military General, the new SLPP Leader thinks the party is not a receptacle for undisciplined and, indiscipline people and therefore convinced them to change their attitudes for the good of the party.

President Bio values the single contribution of each party member or supporter which is why he said, “We have a social contract with the people, and we must deliver on it.”

 In a strong worded statement, he reminded the party leadership that SLPP has a moral obligation to Sierra Leone and if the SLPP fails the country fails. 

He said, “we must succeed for our country to succeed.” This is leadership with patriotism. The beauty about President Bio is, he hates weasel words and therefore meant every bit of his statement.


I was among the first set of Journalists that were invited by President Bio at his Berne Lane Office ahead of the 2012 elections. By then, I was an Editor at the AYV media empire. He appealed that I should support his candidature and desire to become President of Sierra Leone. Since then, I threw my unshakable support to his vision even without being in his midst. Hon. Musa Tamba Sam was another person who was on my neck to support President Bio. In fact he invited me to do a story that he was going to start his Paopa Campaign just after the 2012 elections. May His Soul continue to RIP. I saw this in him and no regret for my support.


He is one of the most unpredictable leaders we have produced as a nation. He is not only steady-headed, but very resolute in achieving the unachievable even if it cost his life he can go for it.

Apart from the Presidency, JM Bio was confronted with another internal battle, although very infinitesimal, to become the Leader of the SLPP. Some people even launched a campaign that if he has decided to gun for the SLPP Leadership his Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh will become their Deputy Leader. The problem didn’t raise its ugly head because President Bio had no issue with that. He sees himself as a go-getter. Like always, he is now the Leader of the great SLPP.


President Bio said his vision is to make the SLPP better and stronger. The

African National Congress (ANC) party of South Africa is the current governing party with fourteen (14) Presidents since its formation.

The ANC was founded on 8th January 1912 in Bloemfontein and is the oldest liberation movement in Africa. Like the SLPP, its founders were elites and Chiefs with a mission to bring together all South Africans as one people to defend their rights and freedoms.

If the ANC is still in existence as the only ruling party, President Bio’s vision will PAOPALLY redundant the APC as permanent opposition. It is possible if we can fight for it in unity. This is the beauty of the New Direction under the New SLPP.