Rules and Regulations for Managing Diaspora Branches


  1. Background

In addition to the constituency, district and regional branches, there are Diaspora branches of the SLPP in Europe and North America. Over the years, the only instrument that has guided the management of Diaspora branches is the Constitutions of these branches. The provisions in both the 1995 Constitution and the 1995 Constitution (as amended) are inadequate.

There are no rules and regulations defining how the Diaspora relates to the national secretariat. Thus, supervision of these Diaspora branches have been difficult. Consequently, all Diaspora branches have had problems of different nature and at different times. These problems have largely limited the effective functioning of the branches and thus their contributions to the advancement of the Party. Recognising the potential role of the Diaspora branches, it is imperative that the national secretariat formulates rules and regulations for formal ratification by NEC.

These rules and regulations are applicable to North America region and all Overseas and African branches. Branch here is used interchangeably with branch or region.

  1. Registration of Diaspora branches and members

2.1     There shall be Diaspora branches of the PartyA Diaspora branch of the Party means an organization of SLPP members per sovereign state or group  of such states outside Sierra Leone of not less than 50 registered members.

2.2     Application for a new Diaspora branch shall be in writing to the national secretariat indicating at least an interim executive and list of members and specific location. The national secretariat can provide provisional authorization permitting the branch to exist and later submit to the next National Executive Council meeting for formal approval.

2.3     Members registered in any Diaspora branch or region and who pay their monthly dues shall have the same rights, privileges  and obligations as those registered in Sierra Leone.

2.4     Persons resident overseas shall be registered with their respective Diaspora branch if they are to benefit from any privileges of the branch. Members who choose to register directly with the national secretariat shall do so.

2.5     Members register with a Diaspora branch do so at the level of Chief Patron and beyond.

  1. Management of Diaspora

3.1     The 1995 SLPP constitution (as amended) shall govern all Diaspora branches. All constitutions of Diaspora branches shall henceforth be considered bye-laws and must be consistent with the national constitution mindful of their specific circumstances. All bye-laws of Diaspora branches shall be formally approved by the national executive.

3.2     Diaspora branches shall be supervised by the national secretariat in accordance with the 1995 SLPP Constitution (as amended) and this Rules and Regulations.

3.3     The day-to-day management of Diaspora branches shall be the responsibility of the elected Diaspora executive.

3.4     All Diaspora branches shall submit written quarter report to the national secretariat indicating the activities undertaken, new members registered and statement of income and expenditure.

3.5     Each Diaspora branch shall always submit register of members indicating contact addresses, emails, district of origin, age and telephone numbers and this can be updated quarterly or as necessary.

3.6     Each Diaspora branch shall maintain an email group of registered members for intra-branch communication and the National Chairman & Leader, Deputy National Chairman & Leader and the National Secretary-General shall be subscribed to the email group.

3.7     The national secretariat can intervene in a conflict in a Diaspora branch that cannot be settled by the branch within three months and its decision shall be final.

3.8     All registration and monthly subscription fees shall be paid to the branch account and 80% of these monies shall be remitted to the national secretariat with individual membership update.

3.9     In addition to involuntary membership subscriptions, each Diaspora branch can organise fund raising activities.

3.10   The national secretariat shall from time to time requests from all districts and Diaspora branches contributions towards a particular project or event.

  1. Diaspora branch conferences and election

4.1     Diaspora branches and conferences shall hold elections at the same time with the district and regions as at when agreed by NEC in line with the provisions of the 1995 Constitution (as amended).

4.2     All elections of Diaspora branches shall be conducted by an independent electoral board appointed by the branch in accordance with their bye-laws and observed by at least one national executive member.

4.3     List of eligible voters by cities or chapters shall be submitted at least a month before the election.

  • As in the cases with constituency, district and regions, the national secretariat shall announce the period of election before the expiration of tenure of the national executive. The branch can in turn decide on specific date and venue and inform the national secretariat and members of the branch at least 2 months before the election.
  • In cases when the National Executive Council decides to extend the tenure of the national executive for reasons of political expediency, the life of all constituency, district, regional and Diaspora branches shall also be extended to the agreed period.